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Notes of progress on "fixing" some mods

Companions (mostly Emma's)[edit]



  • Witchgirl (Morgana)
    • Suffers from rejection of her main movement script 1AA_MorganaScript4.4 because of the included "."
  • Laura
    • Suffers from rejection of her main movement script 1AA_LauraScript7.5 because of the included "."
    • Suffered from the journal ID clash - fixed in OpenMW 0.42
  • Beryl
    • Suffers from the counter-productive combat fix
  • Constance
    • Suffers from the counter-productive combat fix
    • Suffers from the addtopic "-" bug
    • Also suffers from syntax errors in scripts that remove her "bonus" spells cast on the player, so they probably become permanant
  • Laurenna (White Wolf of Lokken)
    • Suffered from name-clash, appears OK from 0.42
  • Dome Home
    • Ingred suffers from the combat fix
  • Boyfriend Indiana James
    • Appears OK
  • Wolf
    • Appears OK


I believe Emma would be willing to incorporate the necessary fixes, and make OpenMW-friendly versions available on her website, but she's out of contact for the rest of the month (Aug 2017)

I am also hoping to produce an updated version of the Witchgirl mod, to fix her rather erratic spell control, and possibly extend her capabilities, subject to Emma's agreement/approval.

Other Emma/Grumpy Mods[edit]

  • Pack Donkeys
    • Reports of problems, which seem to arise from mod clashes, cause not yet identified


CD Cooley's Companion Teleportation now mostly works: (see

  • Teleporting between external cells is fine
  • Teleporting within the same cell is fine
  • Teleporting from external to internal cell fails - expected, same as vanilla MW
  • Teleporting from internal to external cell fails - not expected, needs fixing...

From my limited investigation to date, it appears that the script command "Position" is unreliable, but "Positioncell" is OK.

On further examination, the mod uses "SetPos" - which does not appear to be implemented correctly. Namely that moving from interior to exterior cell the coordinates are updated correctly, but the npc being moved goes into an invisible/inactive state. "Position" has a similar problem.

There is a similar situation for moving from external to internal cell, but this is impossible in vanilla Morrowind.

The npc has been removed from original position, can be recovered by "PositionCell" but not by "enable".

Alternatively, SetPos or Position can be used within the original cell to make the npc reappear.

Temporary fix suggested - insert code to check if player is in an exterior cell, if so, move npc to specified exterior point using PositionCell before using SetPos. See