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This is a page for extended notes about testing various mods with OpenMW, so the main Mod Status pages can be kept more concise. Specific mods' entries here can be set up with link anchors. The info on this page is the result of "live" playtesting with various mods, and is not the one-mod-at-a-time formalized testing used, per the Mod Testing Guidelines, for the Mod Status page. Unless otherwise noted, all mods referred to here are found at either or both of NexusMods or Morrowind Modding History, part of Great House Fliggerty, which also hosts some directly that are not in the MMH archive. Note that MMH has two search features; only the one at the top of the pages works. The main GHF pages have the same issue but worse, in that the top search feature doesn't always work at all (trying searching for "Better", for example); GHF is best browsed by category.

Some mods are listed in multiple sections of the list below, if more than one kind of mod. Better-developed entries are reviewing for playability, lore-friendliness, usefulness, glitch workarounds, etc., not just compatibility; knowing a mod doesn't crash OpenMW isn't enough to know whether it's worth installing it. Mods are English-only unless otherwise noted; some very simple mods will work regardless of language, but most have at least some language-specific material in them, and will emit the wrong language or just not work at all, if used in the wrong version.

This page also provides generalized mod and companion advice (toward the top) for OpenMW users, which can be spun out into separate articles.

Feel free to directly edit this page with corrections, additional entries, new observations, etc. If you add your own first-person observations, please sign it (~~~~) even if you're an anonymous IP user. Objective facts need not be signed. Questions or objections should go on the talk page; one correction has already been made this way.

Style notes: Mod titles have been normalized (unless ambiguity would result) to put authors' names after the mod name (as "by ..." credits), and to drop any redundant "Mod" from the end of the title. Mods with more than one known title, and authors with multiple aliases, are shown with all the names as AKAs. Unrelated mods with the same name by different authors are disambiguated by author. "Vanilla" in this material refers to the game without third-party mods. When we're discussing the game without even official add-ons, this will be made explicit. When discussing the original game engine, we refer to "the Bethesda engine". This page is written in the following style: Capitalize what the game capitalizes (names of spells, items, creatures, etc.) to avoid ambiguity. Also gives mod titles (and abbreviations thereof, and Morrowind itself as a game rather than an in-game place) in italics, as published creative works and to help distinguish these titles from other things. Executables (OpenMW, Morrowind Script Extender, Bethesda engine, etc.), projects/collaborations (Morrowind Patch Project, The Dremora Team, etc.), and file names do not get that style. Directory (folder) paths and file names are given in /path/filename.ext style, and console commands in CommandName,parameter style. "PC" means "player character", not "personal computer" or "Windows personal computer"; operating systems are identified more specifically (e.g. "MS Windows").

Work-in-progress notes: Need to add more version numbers, authors, links. Add more TB and BM codes to indicate Tribunal and/or Bloodmoon dependencies of certain mods. Some of this material is written with first-person perspective ("I tested ..."), which is being edited out as time permits. Need to remove more editorializing. Also, wrap more potential spoilers in {{Spoiler}}


Codes for dependencies on (or incompatibilities with) official Bethesda add-ons are given in a form like: [{{#switch:TB |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}]. Hover the cursor over them for a tooltip explaining what they mean. Downloads for mods are given with links like: [{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}] . Again, hover over them for notes, such as the site name and (if needed) download instructions.

General advice on mods in OpenMW[edit]

Installation and setup[edit]

  • For detailed instructions on installing mods in OpenMW, see the Mod installation article. Most of the material below is about using and troubleshooting them. Some quick tips:
    • If you've got a mod in a .ACE archive and use MS Windows, WinAce and some newer versions of WinZip or 7Zip may work. For Linux and Mac OS users, the solution is the new Python 3 command-line tool acefile [{{#switch:web

|nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author= A |custom= A |web= W | }}] ; previous applications for these platforms either do not handle later versions of the archive format, or will not run on newer OS versions. The acefile tool is easiest run in the same directory as the archive, after moving the archive to a temp directory; it will extract the archive contents directly into the same directory, not into a container directory named after the archive (unless the archive itself contained one). You can also specify a target directory with the -d option. It is still being improved; you may wish to periodically run pip3 uninstall acefile; pip3 install acefile to get the latest version. This tool also works in Cygwin in MS Windows if you have Python installed.

  • The path to a mod directory in its data="/path/mod_name" entry in openmw.cfg will cause problems if it has a & character anywhere in it. OpenMW will crash with a confusing error. There are two solutions:
    1. Rename the offending directory in your operating system to replace this character with "and" or "+".
    2. Or escape it in openmw.cfg, without renaming anything in the filesystem, by doubling the character to &&, e.g. changing data="/path/Foo & Bar" to data="/path/Foo && Bar".
  • This path will also be a problem if it contains double quotation marks (permitted in some OSes). Two solutions again:
    1. Rename the directory to get rid of the quotes (or change to single quotes)
    2. Or escape the character in the config file without renaming folders, by preceding the character with &, e.g. changing data="/path/"Weird" Mod" to data="/path/&"Weird&" Mod".
  • This path as it appears in openmw.cfg must also not use backslash escapes for spaces or other characters; check what you are pasting, as this will be invalid: data="/path/Chicken-headed\ Argonians\ Mod".
  • The path to a mod directory in data="..." must be surrounded by double, straight quotation marks.
  • The filename for a mod in the corresponding content=... line (if you are editing that section of the config file at all) must not be surrounded by quotation marks, even if you would use them (e.g., to escape space characters) in your operating system. Hopefully this confusing inconsistency will be fixed in an upcoming version. Entries should look like content=Quux's House Mod.esp, even if they have apostrophes, spaces, etc.
  • The path to a mod directory must be a real filesystem path or a symlink; it cannot be a Mac OS alias. [Untested: can it be an MS Windows shortcut?]. On the up-side, this can be used to create short paths, like /mw/mods/mod_name.

Changing mods mid-game, and avoiding problems this can cause[edit]

  • OpenMW does not like you to add, remove, or change the order of mods once a game has been underway. The longer you've been playing, the more mods you have, and the greater their complexity, the higher the risk of adverse effects, both from adding new mods and removing them, especially if resources from them are used in the cell the player character is presently in, or are in the player's inventory. Removing unused mods, absent those conditions, is somewhat safer than adding them, but not foolproof; see especially the next note, about soul gems. Mods that only add things are safer to add mid-game than those that change existing things.
    • Crucial: Before removing a mod, be sure to use up or eliminate (with Disable in the Console) any soul gems that contain souls of creatures added by the mod. Failure to do so can cause the game to crash to desktop if you even hover over the item (the attempt to display mouseover info about it will fail, because the data for the soul is missing; this can happen if the item is in your inventory, on the ground, in a container, or a merchant's inventory). This problem may eventually get fixed, but for now, you should probably keep a copy of the mod and of your OpenMW.cfg from when it was installed in case you missed one. It is safest to get rid of all items in your inventory that came from a mod then remove the mod.
    • The most common adverse effect of changing mods mid-game is meshes/textures not loading, so that various items, faces, surfaces, etc. show up day-glow fuscia, or with giant "!" icons instead of rendering properly. This problem usually affects just one or a few things at first, then gets worse and worse the more you play. This can sometimes be catastrophic, e.g. when it's a floor that goes missing, and you and all NPCs fall into the water table or the void, or when the only door out of a room vanishes, or when a key NPC disappears.
      • If this missing texture, mesh, and/or object problem happens and a save-cleaning routine doesn't resolve it, the only potential fix – other than removing any recently added mod(s) and loading an old savegame – appears to be to restart the app, then move as needed to a cell where there are no such errors visible (including in your inventory – drop any glitched items in another cell first). Then play a bit and keep saving in cells with no errors, and reverting to those games, with a fresh app restart, any time something shows up glitched. If you do this "glitch-cleaning" routine enough times, there's a chance the game will right itself, but there is no guarantee, and even when it does, in bad cases it can take days or weeks to work.
      • Also try removing old mods you don't need (e.g. add-on quests you already did, and from which you are no longer using any reward items; or a mod that gives vendors new items that you don't actually want). The "my game is turning pink" mesh problem seems to relate to how many resources the game engine has to load, and conflicts between them, so reducing the load and the potential for conflict seems to help when all else has failed. However, this is fairly likely to make companions disappear (recoverably; see below).
    • The second most common negative effect of mod changes is the disappearance of NPCs, either mod-added ones like companions, or vanilla ones you have relocated with Command Humanoid. They can usually be recovered with the Console (see note no. 1 in The five most frequent companion problems in OpenMW section, below, for instructions).
    • Not as bad as in Bethesda's engine: In the original game, all kinds of problems would result if you changed the number of loaded mods such that a mod was no longer in the exact same position (e.g. 17th) in the load order. This does not seem affect OpenMW. One Bethesda behavior that definitely does not happen under this condition is doubling of items, NPCs, and other resources.
  • {{#if:|}}{{#if:Save-cleaning|}}{{#if:Clean-save|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:{{{7}}}|}}{{#if:{{{8}}}|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}If not starting from a brand-new game, do a full (not quick) save before changing your mod(s). Exit the game app, and make your changes. Restart the game app. Load the save, save again, restart the app again. Repeat for good measure, using the most recent save. This is known as a save-cleaning or clean-save routine.
    • Hardcore save-cleaning: If the above does not resolve your problem, try a more brute-force approach: Drop all gear, and go naked into a small, simple, vanilla room that does not contain any modded items (potential examples: a minor NPC's hut, or a one-cell ancestral tomb that you have just cleared out, but left the corpses in), then do the save-cleaning routine, and go back for your gear afterwards. If containers in the space might contain modded items, check and remove any first and add them to your temporary gear pile in another cell.
  • Best practice: Load the mods you think you want to use, in a test game with a throw-away character (don't even bother customizing it any more than necessary for testing). Use Console cheat codes as needed so that you can go test whatever it is the mod or mods add (e.g., give your new test character money for transport to a mod shop's location and to buy items from the shop and ensure they work, or give yourself the necessary stats, level, reputation, and faction rank to trigger a mod-added quest and make sure that it will activate). It is safest to back up your config files, and copy your entire current mod directory as a backup; if you need to revert, you won't have to remember what your earlier set of mods were and what order they were in. Geeky users can also use a version control system like Subversion, Bazaar, or Git.
  • If you rename or move a mod in your filesystem and update the config file to compensate, this sometimes causes the in-game resources of the mod to reset to default (e.g. a companion will no longer be your companion "yet" or have the gear you gave them). The game thinks a mod has been removed and another mod added (they just happen to have the same code in them). In rare cases, you may have to use Console commands to fix the situation, after looking up Journal entry IDs of companion's scripts, journal entries, etc. in OpenMW-CS, if simply re-doing stuff in-game does not work. With companions in particular, always remove gear from them before changing file path information for their mod. This sort of scenario also often happens when you upgrade a mod in mid-game, or change mod load order.
  • If a quest, NPC behavior, or some other factor is not working right when you load a savegame, try quitting the game, then restarting the game entirely, to clear any global variables from memory, then load a savegame from before the appearance of the problem. Get in the habit of using the full save feature (Esc > Save > Save new game); do not depend on Quicksave or Autosave; the game does not always save every bit of game data with those.

Compatibility and dependencies[edit]

  • Use a nightly build of OpenMW if you can, since the nightlies fix various bugs as they are reported and resolved. Back up your entire game directory and config and savegame directories first; sometimes the nightly can fail to work with a pre-existing set of mods due to some regression or other, and restoring a functional game is easiest from backup rather than trying to downgrade specific files. MacOS nightlies are available at this repository (sort by "Last modified"). For MS Windows, see links at top of this page. For Linux and other platforms, see various options at the main download page; you probably want the GitHub repo at the top, to build your own local copy.
  • Use OpenMW-CS's Verify feature. Do it first on vanilla Morrowind and any official expansions loaded, without other mods. Use your operating system's screengrab method to screen-shot all the "stock" errors (yes, Bethesda's original files throw numerous errors in OpenMW). Then add your mod and do Verify again, and look for non-stock errors. If you're competent with the code, you can fix simple problems yourself, and save the patch as a .OMWAddon file to use in place of or along with the downloaded .ESP.
    • Repeat this as needed until your desired mods are all loaded and seem to be working. Be prepared for some of them to still not work entirely as expected.
  • Not all features of all mods will work, even after work-around efforts. The culprit is usually obscure scripting syntax errors, but sometimes it's a dependency on exploiting a bug in the original Bethesda engine that has been fixed in OpenMW.
    • Some mods just cause OpenMW to lock up or crash to desktop, and others do not but are totally malfunctional. The mod lists below will annotate such issues when they are known.
    • There is no guarantee that a mod that seems to work at first will work perfectly. If it's complicated, with lots of quest scripts and such, there's a good chance it will break at some point, and require Console commands to rectify, an OpenMW-CS patch, or will not be fixable.
  • Many mods rely (at least for particular features) on MCRE and/or leveled-list merging, and not all of them disclose this. If MCRE is needed for something, that aspect of the mod simply won't work, and the entire mod may not work. If the leveled list in the mod needed to be merged, its random items may not show up, or may show up too frequently, having replaced something in the vanilla leveled lists instead of being added to the list as a possible random item. There are some tools (finally) for merging leveled lists in OpenMW; see Mod installation#Leveled list merging for pointers.
  • Various mods have dependencies on other mods. Some have a dependency by name. If you have a habit of renaming .ESP or .ESM files to have clearer names, you will have to occasionally undo that for certain mods. You'll know this is the problem when OpenMW crashes during the mod load phase and tells you that so-and-so mod has a dependency on-thus-and-such file and that it cannot be found, but you know you do have the "missing" mod. If you preview your mod list in the app, you'll also see a warning icon; hovering over it will tell you the name of the missing dependency file.
    • Some mods have a gameplay dependency on specific versions of other mods (often not coded as a by-filename dependency), and OpenMW cannot detect mismatches in this regard. Success in getting the game to start does not mean it will play correctly if you didn't load the right mods. Check ReadMe files carefully. Using a newer version of a dependency mod is usually safer than loading an old one (since most later releases are minor), but it is not foolproof – the developer of the original mod may have moved an entire fortress and the mod dependent on it may expect it to be in the earlier location.
  • Any mod that adds new items to a vendor's inventory needs to be added before you visit that shop, or the items may never appear there. This can sometimes be fixed by a save-cleaning routine, but sometimes not. This also means that if you remove a mod then re-install it later, the items from that mod might not show up there again.
    • Any mod that adds an inventory type to a vendor (e.g. allowing a clothing-only merchant like Milie Hastien in Balmora to buy and sell armor) must be loaded after all other mods that affect their inventory, such as new clothing items. This is perhaps the no. 1 way to get confused into thinking that a clothing-items mod is not working. It's also a good example of why to test mods one at a time in an all-new game if you think they don't work.
  • Systemic mesh-and-texture changes that you want to be consistent game-wide (all Hlaalu textures, new meshes for Imperial uniforms, high-resolution skin textures, etc.) should be loaded late, since various mods are apt to include misc. variants their authors created, or even just duplicate vanilla resources because they didn't clean their mod before releasing it. See notes in the Meshes and textures section.
  • Mirrors tend to kill frame rates. While mirrors cannot actually be used as mirrors reflecting the PC and other stuff (in OpenMW, anyway), they are still doing something processor-intensive, probably some kind of crude ray-tracing. They are most commonly found in clothing shop mods, and the symptom of their presence will be a super-slow frame rate in the shop. The solution is the open the Console, click once on the mirror, and enter the Disable command to delete the object. Repeat for any other mirrors in the cell.
    • Some shops and such will exhibit terrible frame rates for other reasons. The two most common are animated but poorly optimized new objects, like particle-animated magical doodads, rotating mannequin platforms, etc.; or some kind of scripting that is poorly written and running many times per second by accident. The first problem can be solved the same way as with mirrors; the second requires extensive debugging in OpenMW-CS and may not be worth the effort.
  • Another frame-rate killer is NPCs walking endlessly into walls or other objects. This most often happens when a mod added or moved something in the cell and did not change the path grids properly or at all. This can be resolved by finding the wandering and now wall-walking NPC, opening the Console, clicking the NPC, and entering AIWander,0,0,0 to make the NPC stand still instead of walk around.
    • This same trick can also be used when a mod adds too many animated NPCs in one place for your system to handle without lagging. Just turn them from wanderers into loiterers.
  • While OpenMW supports real bump mapping (including normal mapping and spectral mapping) to create realistically shiny textures, the original Bethesda engine does not. Some third-party add-ons introduced a hacky "fake bump mapping" technique that is used by many mods. When those mods are used in OpenMW, this results in excessively shiny or glowing textures that don't look right. Debugging this can be either easy or hard, depending on the mod, and there is a tutorial about it here.

Companion mods[edit]

Since the the Tribunal expansion's introduction of Pack Rats and the special NPC Calvus Horatius, a Mournhold mercenary whom you can hire and share inventory with, companion mods have been among the most popular mod types, getting better all the time. Companions generally all require Tribunal (or the Game of the Year edition of Morrowind, which includes it). Vanilla Morrowind followers (e.g. the Hlaalu hireling Fjorgeir, the Tevanni Shock Centurion, and various "please rescue me" NPCs) cannot do anything but follow and fight; you cannot give them new gear or repair their existing stuff, other than with the Console.

Players without Tribunal have one known option other than giving/taking gear with the Console, and that is Companions Hippolyta and Decius 2.01 by Vorwoda a.k.a. John Segers [{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}][{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}] , which has limited (specific-item) inventory sharing through dialogue; it is also (optionally) a romance mod, for either gender. Not tested yet in OpenMW. All other material about companions herein concerns Tribunal-style companions.

Credits: This advice below incorporates a few observations that were first noted (in off-site materials this page links to) by Kateri and Emma.

Various "generations" of companions, and their issues[edit]

Companion mods in general have proven challenging to work into OpenMW, other than rudimentary pack animals and very basic "shut up, carry, and fight" followers. A large number of NPC companions appear to be based on Grumpy's Companion Project v3.1 (let's call these "generation 1"), or often an older version ("generation 0.5", the early experimental phase). This code has been improved by Emma and others, and some later companions have integrated these improvements and sometimes inherited their new bugs ("generation 2"). Later still, with much more complexity, numerous others (and Emma, in some later work like Witchgirl Adventure), have produced extremely complex companion-and-quest mods, all working in different and inconsistent ways ("generation 3").

One would think that the gen 3 companions would be the most functional in OpenMW, through a process of refinement, but this proves not to be the case, due primarily to lack of communication and code-sharing between mod authors. In the majority of gen 3 companion mods, their big pile of quest scripting breaks (sometimes repairably) at some point in the OpenMW engine, even if their general companion behavior (movement, combat, spell use, etc.) is usually exemplary. This failure-by-complexity is a factor of OpenMW's parser being much more strict about code syntax errors than Bethesda's original; the more quest scripts there are, the higher the likelihood that some one-line or even one-character error is present and causes OpenMW breakage. The problem strongly affects rich mods like Julan, Ashlander Companion, Laura Craft Romance (and its male version, Imperial Boyfriend Indiana James), and rideable animal mods like abot's Guars. A few are mostly functional, like Jasmine, a Morrowind Companion and Witchgirl Adventure, though they still have some issues. Check the forums; various people are trying hard to fix these mods to work with OpenMW (though in a few cases, a particular problem is actually OpenMW's own fault). Gen 3 companions also have a stronger tendency to simply vanish and to have to be restored with a PositionCell Console command – fortunately, without losing gear or quest progress.

The most usable for the longest time are the simplest ones that are based on Companion Project 3.1, such as Dawn Companion, and Gatanas, Dremora (Markynaz) Companion (though that does have one harmless dialogue bug). These usually have little original dialogue, no quests or a few simple ones, and lack complicated features like trainability. Unlike gen 3 companions, they usually also have little if any effect on cells (i.e., do not add or radically change any game locations). They're also less immersive and involving, basically being humanoid pack animals who fight and whom you can dress up. Various actual animals, like Wolf Companion and Dog Companions, are also highly functional gen 1 companions. Gen 1 are the least likely to disappear for no apparent reason.

Generation 0.5 companions, based on older versions of Companion Project, often have glitched combat in OpenMW, and will not stop fighting once they start, will start fighting the air for no reason, or will attack you, unless forced to stop with Console tricks. Some examples are Emma's Hurd and Beryl. Grumpy's own Cally and Gabran are, ironically, in this category. His .ZIP files and installation instructions are faulty (though fixable), and these two "model" companions were included in some archives of CP 3.1 but were not based on its code but 3.0 or earlier; they just do not work properly, if they appear at all.

Many gen 2 mods fail to perform as expected (or at all, beyond stationary NPCs that can hold stuff and chit-chat). This is also true of some mannequin mods (which are just paralyzed NPCs, basically, other than those that are upright corpses). Some mods in this category are usable, with issues. The hireling addons A Lord's Men and Staff Agency (one is a fork of the other, though both can be used simultaneously) are in this group. Both of them provide various mercenaries and domestic/utility staff that are fully functional, some that are mostly functional, and some that are just broken (though they do not appear to do anything bad to your game). One that is not really usable in OpenMW (yet) is the complex Constance, Thief Companion, which borders on a gen 3 mod; she exhibits the same combat problems as gen 0.5 companions. Same goes for the fighter companion and domestic staffers provided in Domehome. It just goes to show that companion mods have been built along similar principles but without programmatic sharing of code, such that companions that post-date fixes for various problems often do not integrate those fixes. Gen 2 companions also often have a tendency to inexplicably vanish (mostly after changes to the list of loaded mods, or when left alone for 72+ game hours), though they can be Console-restored. This issue also affects those provided by Friends and Rivals (and presumably any other variant of CM Partners). Staff Agency companions appear to somehow be immune to this problem; studying how their code differs is likely a good idea for anyone intent on creating a "generation 4" of companion mods. [Tester note: In a room full of about a dozen idle, wait-mode companions from numerous mods of differing generations and multiple authors, a mod load change that triggers the "vanishing companions" problem typically results in all of them disappearing except those that are from Staff Agency. However, A Lord's Men was not running during these tests, so it's not clear yet if it also has this "immunity".]

The five most frequent companion problems in OpenMW[edit]

  1. The companion eventually disappears, taking all of their carried gear and loot with them – This is most often caused by adding or removing some other mod in mid-game, or some other form of savegame corruption (it will happen after restarting the app or reloading a save). With some companions, it also happens if you are away from them (i.e., not in the same cell) for 72 hours in game-time. Regardless, sometimes the companion has ended up in the off-map void, and cannot be relocated in-game even if they have a teleportation/telepathy/control ring (they may appear to respond verbally, but this is item scripting, not NPC AI). Sometimes they are in the cell, but have incorrect elevation (z axis). Or they may have ended up at world map coordinates 0,0, which is right near the Daedric shrine Assarnatamat (this is rare). Sometimes the vanishing-act problem also occurs after using a teleporation ring for a specific companion, e.g. Jasmine.
    • This disappearance can usually but not always be resolved with PositionCell, e.g. "JAC_Jasmine"->PositionCell,492,457,-240,0,"Balmora, South Wall Cornerclub" (that's "NPC_ID"->PositionCell,xPosition,yPosition,zPosition,facing-direction,"Cell_ID"). The easiest way to use this is first do player->GetPos,x and repeat for y and z, move back to make room, then use those coordinates, rounded up to nearest whole integer, in the PositionCell command.
    • Some companions also have a particular location they return to by default; try looking in the same place you originally found that character, or see if some other option has them show up somewhere. E.g. Wolf Companion has a "Have you seen my wolf?" NPC dialog thing that causes the wolf to reappear in Arrille's Tradehouse (not its original location) if you ask that question of a random NPC in Seyda Neen (only). Gatanas is scripted to appear in the nearest tavern if you ask any major-city NPC if they've seen her. So, read the companion's documentation carefully. Some companions that supposedly have this feature, e.g. Jasmine returning to her house, do not have it working properly in OpenMW (she will go there if you tell her to, but will not by default when she goes missing for inexplicable reasons). It's advisable to test these features early on, so you know what your companion will actually do and not do before an emergency arises.
    • In other cases, the companion is simply screwed up. In this event, you can try to spawn a new copy with PlaceAtPC in the console, at the cost of the gear and any training and companion quests to date (if any). This does not always work, especially if the companion has elaborate "complete these steps to earn me as a companion" scripting; you may not be able to re-do those steps. Jasmine is one such mod (though it is difficult to break it to the point you'd want to try this). This eventuality may necessitate that you remove the companion mod, do a save-cleaning routine, then reinstall it and re-do the companion quests to restore the companion to working order (you hope). Sometimes, however, just changing the mods loaded is enough to further corrupt your game, so backup first.
    • Some strategies for preventing lossage:
      • Just as a form of backup, periodically remove all gear you care about from the companion, make sure the companion is in "follow" mode, do a full (not quick) save, in an indoor cell, with no combat active (no combat music is still playing), and after being at rest for several seconds and certain that the companion has followed and is also at rest. Then quit. Restart the game, reloading that save, next time you play, and give the gear back. If the companion disappeared, the game data was already corrupted by something by the time you did that save, and you need to load an earlier savegame. If you added, removed, or reordered any mods in the interim, undo those actions first. A good time to do this is at the end of your gaming session, or at least every several sessions.
      • Do not leave any companion for 72 game-hours or longer without being in the same cell (it may also help to interact with them, e.g. by toggling their follow mode or accessing their inventory). So, be careful about using "Wait" several days in a row with merchants (it helps to bring the companion to the merchant with you, and keep him/her in follow mode; then you can do the Wait trick for many game days if you want). Good places to "park" companions you aren't using for a while is in your player home, just outside it (if you don't always teleport in and out), in the main room at any Mages Guild if you use guild guide travel a lot, near a siltstrider you use very frequently, and in the shop of a merchant you go to almost every game-day. Any place you are certain to return to within 72 game-hours is good. Some companions can be left for longer without negative effects. A simple test is to save your game, put the companion in wait, guard, or wander mode, and go sleep for four days in a row in a different cell, then come back to the companion and (if they're still there) test them out for glitches. If all's well, you can restore your saved game and proceed with less "three-day" concern.
      • Don't leave a disappearance-prone companion in "guard this spot" (Guard AI), "walk around" or "stay in the area" (AI wander), or "stand here" (AI wander off) mode, and then exit the game; put them in follow mode first (returning to where you "parked" the companion first, if applicable).
      • This methodology may not be foolproof. The safe bet: do not give companions any irreplaceable equipment and do not rely heavily on anything their mod provided, while also treating quests that came with them as optional diversions not central gaming goals, because you may lose all of these things.
    • Disappearances and other problems due to mod load changes are, in the Bethesda game engine, most often attributed to changes of mod load order (e.g. a companion who was mod no. 10 becoming no. 9 or no. 11 in the load order). It is unknown if this is a factor, or as significant a factor, in OpenMW, but it's fairly likely. If you have to remove a mod before a companion, try moving another mod, that doesn't have a load ordering issue (e.g. a mod that just adds a new sword somewhere) to before the companion mod to preserve the companion's "place in line". However, the Bethesda engine's doubling bug, caused by mod load-order changes, does not affect OpenMW (see the Good news section).
    • A completely different kind of disappearance: Sometimes a companion can fall through the ground, and either end up at the below-ground water table, or falling forever in the void. This most often happens for one of three reasons: You've materialized, with companion in tow, into a space, like a tiny closet after a loading door, that is too small to contain you both, so one is forced out; the companion was in clipping (pass through objects) mode while levitating, and you exited levitation (and so did they) when the companion was partially or entirely clipped into the ground; or a mod conflict caused a rip in the ground, and your companion fell through it. In all cases this generally has to be fixed by using the Console to bring the companion back to you. The fact that they may be falling when this happens is one of several reasons (covered elsewhere) to give companions supernatural Acrobatics; without it, they'll simply die on impact when you Console them back to you.
  2. The companion will not follow, and is just a stand-around NPC/container – This seems to happen with two Emma mods (Laura Craft Romance and Imperial Boyfriend Indiana James). The forums have suggested that this has something to do with a) scripts with names that begin with numerals, and/or b) scripts with version numbers in their names (it may be the period/dot/point character, .), and/or c) NPC IDs that exactly coincide with script names. So, systematically patching the mods to change the script names and references to them may fix this.
    • Sometimes it's a problem of a companion failing to give a teleport ring, and similar issues can happen with pack animal (and PC home) mods where the seller will not give you the command ring (or the key) you bought. These are probably minor script typos, and likely differ from mod to mod. Issues with armor mannequins and practice dummies are usually along similar lines.
  3. The companion goes into combat mode for no apparent reason and cannot be taken out of it – Also affects many Emma mods, possibly for the same reason as refusal to follow, and with the same potential solution, though it may also be endemic to the scripting logic of everything derived from Companion Project prior to version 3.1. It can be fixed temporarily by a) making sure all enemies are dead, b) casting a strong area-effect Calm Humanoid (use Fortify Illusion first if you need to), c) using the Console to issue StopCombat to the companion and any other combatant NPCs, like other companions (who may by this point have attacked the turned-hostile companion in your defense), d) waiting for them to sheath their weapons or stop casting, e) putting them in wait mode, then f) putting them back into follow mode. Sometimes just the Console command is enough. If these steps don't work (companion is stuck in a sheathe-unsheathe loop while Calmed and/or seems fine then attacks you again when Calm wears off), make sure there are no more enemies around, and also try exiting and re-entering the cell with the companion(s) in wait mode. If all else fails, wait 72 game hours in another cell, and come back; if companion is gone, use PositionCell to return them.
    • A harder-core fix may be extensively patching the mod using code from Companion Project 3.1 or from generation 3 mods that do not have this problem and are otherwise similar at the basic interaction level.
    • The "fighting forever" issue is a known problem with the following Emma mods: Thief Companion Constance, Beryl and Hurd, the fighter companion Ingred of Domehome, and (with a variation) the domestic staff of Domehome (if you move them out of that location with their teleport ring, they'll actually fight each other on sight as soon as the second one arrives). It does not affect Witchgirl Adventure's Morgana, Wolf Companion and the dogs based on it, or most non-Emma companions.
    • Most companions will turn and fight you if you damage them by any means three or four times in the same fight, and some have a lower threshold (sometimes even one hit). Almost all will fight you if you hit them even a split second after the last actual enemy dies, and due to clipping issues, you can sometimes hit them without realizing it. So, you need to expect to use the Console. You cannot be of the "all use of the Console is cheating, no matter what" philosophy, and still expect to use companion mods for more than a few hours, sorry.
  4. The companion's control or dialogue options disappear when another companion is added, or options that do not pertain to this character are added – The first of these (which also happens with the original Bethesda game engine) is usually due to two companions sharing scripts or dialogue options with the same names, and can presumably be fixed by systematically patching their dialogue and script IDs to be unique. No one seems to have tested this approach on any existing mods. This is a known problem with running Laura Craft Romance and Imperial Boyfriend Indiana James at the same time, among others (sometimes a mod's own documentation will warn of this). Many mod authors have used Grumpy's scripts without doing much to adapt them to be unique to their specific mod, probably because Companion Project's own documentation is unclear in parts.

    The second problem, of inapplicable dialogue options appearing, happens for unknown exact reasons, but is obviously a general matter of a coding error not limiting an added dialogue option to particular NPCs correctly. This issue is annoying but harmless in most cases (in the case of abot's Guars it is not harmless, and wrecks the functionality of affected companions).

  5. The companion's elaborate quests don't work – Why this happens will be entirely dependent on the nature of the scripting. Sometimes the fault is OpenMW bugs, sometimes it's script syntax errors on the part of the mod author, and sometimes both. See again the Julan thread for an example of how many errors of both sorts can arise in testing a single mod, yet can be resolved.

A sixth issue which may have brought you here, "the companion keeps falling and dying", is not an OpenMW-specific issue, and is covered in the Help your companion survive section, below.

Additional companion tips[edit]

These are not OpenMW-specific, unless so indicated.


  • Habitually move to the side when engaging. Every time you approach an opponent (or one charges you), quickly move to the left or right, and turn and re-face their flank. If you do not, you will get hit – a lot – by your companion(s), who try to strike directly at the baddie in front of them as if you are not between the companion and the enemy. Also, you run increased risk of hitting the companion inadvertently; they will frequently clip through you when fighting, sufficiently that you'll hit them in the arm, and trigger them to attack you instead.
    • If your companion is already attacking you in retaliation, move to put the enemy between you and the angry companion. When the enemy is dead, quickly take the steps outlined above in point #3.
  • Check behind you frequently to make sure your companion is still with you; they can get stuck on things, left behind at doors and transport services, blocked by other NPCs, fall into a pit/crevasse, or even enter combat you weren't aware of. Some have much better movement scripting than others do.
  • Increase their ability to keep up with you, or you will lose them frequently. In addition to setting a superhuman SetAcrobatics (to prevent accidental deaths), use SetAthletics and SetSpeed to match your own stats, and use this every few levels at least, as your stats increase, if the companion mod isn't clever enough to have their stats increase along with yours. See next section for details on how the SetStatName commands in the Console work.
  • Companions who are Guard class (i.e., have Guard AI) will attack hostile creatures on sight, whether in follower mode or not (and if not in follow mode may react with hostility if you commit a crime they're aware of). Those that do not have Guard AI will not, even when in follower mode, react to hostiles of any kind until a blow (or hostile magic effect) is landed against them, you, or someone else (in follower mode) in your party. This can be used to your advantage. For example, if you are a weak noob, you can travel with a Guard-AI companion as a "human shield", then when you are a badass later, you can travel with a non-Guard companion who will have minimized involvement in combat and keep out of the way. Update for OpenMW 0.43: There's now an option in OpenMW Launcher in the Advanced tab to control whether followers attack hostile creatures on sight or wait for you or the creature to actually land an attack. Having them not attack on sight is a good option for most play; it lets you do more of the fighting, and have more control over your positioning in the fight. It's untested at this point if Guard-AI companions are affected differently by this setting. Companions with Guard AI will probably continue to attack hostiles on sight. Be warned that some of them may also report or even arrest you for crimes that they witness when they are in guard mode; if this prove to be a hassle, you may want to re-mod them to not have Guard class and to not have an Alarm above 0. (This is covered in more detail below.)
  • Even if you have a companion capable of self-healing, it's a good idea to cast a Restore Health on them periodically just to be sure. Not all of them heal themselves as often or as well as they should, and they can run out of Magicka and potions with which to do so. Some that are supposed to do so don't do it at all due to scripting bugs.
  • It's safest to never give quest items, or other "I'm gonna cry if I lose it" gear, to a companion. There's no guarantee a mod won't glitch out, and the more mods you run, the higher the chance of that happening.
  • Get familiar with basic Console commands; you are definitely going to need them sometimes.

Help your companion survive[edit]

{{#if:|}}{{#if:Help your companion to survive|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:{{{7}}}|}}{{#if:{{{8}}}|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}} Use GetStatName commands in the Console to examine your companion's attributes and skills, and SetStatName commands to change one of them. These Console commands drop spaces and hyphens in things like "Long Blade" and "Hand-to-Hand", thus GetLongBlade, SetHandToHand. Some important tips to make any companion practical for the long haul are listed below. For more general (not OpenMW-specific) tips, see also "Companion FAQ" by Emma.

  • All companions need to have abnormally high Acrobatics. This is because NPC movement AI is remarkably stupid, and they will fall or jump off high places as if blind and drunk, and die in the process; they can even kill themselves just jogging down mild slopes if you are running! You can sometimes get promising companions killed in minutes simply by going to a place with a high siltstrider platform and not walking perfectly up the middle of it. Tribunal's Calvus Horatius is notorious for this "idiotic deaths" problem, and it happens a lot with Gatanas, Dremora (Markynaz) Companion. Highlight the companion in the Console, and do SetAcrobatics,200 (this is enough to survive any fall, and helps them follow you over rough or steep terrain, without affecting the gameplay otherwise). This step is also important for when companions end up in the void due to game glitches. They will technically be falling the entire time they're missing, and when you put them back into a proper place with PositionCell they'll instantly die from impact if they do not have superhuman Acrobatics.
    • This tip cannot be used with creature companions (other than creatures turned into NPCs, such as the several Dremora companion mods), because creatures do not have an Acrobatics stat. The upshot of this is that creature companions are only useful for low-to-mid-level player characters. After your own Acrobatics skill is high enough to survive long drops, a creature companion is likely to die while trying to follow you. Even badass vanilla Daedra can be killed by fairly short falls, as you'll note if you see one spawn on top of a large piece of Daedric shrine and jump down to come fight you.
  • SetHealth,Value where Value is something reasonable like your own Health level, or close to it (or even more than yours if you keep getting them killed, and especially if you've nerfed their combat, as described below).
  • SetMagicka to a reasonable number, even if they're just a fighter. Below, we're going to give them some basic survival spells. If the companion is a mage, they may already have a higher Magicka than you, set by a script, and you can leave this as-is.
  • SetStrength to something reasonable, especially for companions with inventory sharing, which is most. One who can only carry 120 units when you and other companions you have can carry over 400 is going to see you quickly "retire" that weak companion if you don't directly remedy the deficit. On the other hand, you may only be able to carry 120 at your current level and may have a companion who can carry 600 for no explicable reason, and not nerfing that is obviously a cheat, like carrying a Pack Guar in your back pocket.
  • AddSpell,"Water Breathing" and AddSpell,"Levitate" (and same for Water Walking if you like), followed by SetAlteration,100 (there is no reason to set it lower, since the game's AI isn't advanced enough for companions to do Alteration-using clever things on their own initiative). There's no guarantee a companion will use these spells, but many will. If you have one that won't, and get tired of casting on-touch Water Breathing on them (companions who cannot breathe water and who are in follow mode will blissfully follow you underwater until they drown), see if you have a companion installed who does auto-Water-Breathe, look up that NPC in OpenMW-CS by ID, and find the name of their Water Breathe ability, then give it to the won't-Water-Breathe companion as a "spell". (Another route: search IDs for water, and scroll down the Spells results, looking for a 0 cost, always-succeeds, Ability version of the effect.) This will almost always work. Same goes for auto-Levitation and auto-Water-Walking ability that some companions have, to follow you automatically (you might have to cast Dispel to make it stop, though, if you give it to a companion who didn't come with it). Note that some companions that include such abilities have to be manually told to use and stop using them, while others are full-auto.
    • You can also give a companion a Constant Effect enchanted item that provides Water Breathing. A good bet for this is something you use the Console to assign a high gold value to, so they are not tempted to swap it out for something nominally more valuable that goes in the same gear slot if you have them carry a bunch of loot.
  • AddSpell,"Hearth Heal", followed by SetRestoration,100. If the companion is a mage who is scripted to be capable of curing/healing you and whose stats and spells increase over time, you should skip changing their Restoration skill and let it develop as intended. Most of those carry their own (inventory-invisible) Restore Magicka potions for when they get low. For a fighter companion, though, just max their Restoration and set Magicka high enough so you don't have to worry about whether they can self-heal any more today. Be aware that some crude companions still won't heal themselves even after you do this step, and you need to heal them frequently.
    • You can also give a companion a Constant Effect enchanted item that provides Restore Health. Two points is sufficient most of the time, with manual healing only needed after (or during) big fights. At 5 points per second or so, they'll be very hard to kill. (An exception is that some crude ones come with very low health and do not seem to get more over time; one example is the slave mod that permits you to buy any/all slaves in the vanilla slave markets; they typically have around 55 health, and at higher levels of game play they can take more damage than that from a single hit, so something like SetHealth,250 to match your own may be advised.
  • Also check that they have one armor skill (or Unarmored) appropriately high. Many come with all of them set inappropriately high, and this should be reduced, with one reasonable and the others low, both for plausibility/balance and for the practical reason that you will not be able to keep them equipped in a stable set of armor (which you may have custom enchanted). Otherwise, any time you have them carry a piece of armor loot with a higher nominal value that what they're wearing, they may equip the loot item instead, even if it's a total mismatch for the armor class you want them wearing and even if it's a net loss in protection due to not being enchanted. Note that some mage companions (and others with high Unarmored skill) will not usually wear armor at all; at mid-to-high levels of game play, they depend upon you to provide them with Constant Effect enchanted Exquisite clothing to keep them from dying every five minutes. So, if you have not yet hunted down the one NPC who sells the Summon Golden Saint spell, or found the guy in Mournhold who restocks Grand Soul Gems, now is the time. However, since this is just an effect of them having a very high Unamored stat, you may be able to get them to wear armor, if you demand it, by adjusting their stats. E.g., set their Light Armor skill higher, and reduce Unarmored so the former is at least one point higher than the latter, and the latter is 85 or lower. This will not work for companions with scripted stats that change in fixed ways depending upon your own stats; your changes will be temporary.
  • Look at all the companion's stats and adjust as needed. Companion Personality, Speechcraft, and Mercantile are completely meaningless (except for those that also offer services like Barter, Spellmaking, Enchant, or Repair). But you'll often find nonsensical stats that actually do matter, like Agility or Luck set to 150 (a serious combat cheat), or a Marksman of 5 or 10 which means "miss virtually every time and waste expensive ammo" (this stat needs to be 30 or higher at a bare minimum for any companion you give pricey missile weapons to, and 51+ is better).
  • Some advanced companion mods auto-set various stats based on those of the player character or in response to direct training by various methods, so may not retain all of them you manually set with the Console. Some also change them on-the-fly in response to things like "Use your missile weapons" commands, jacking up Marksman to higher than other skills – even to 200, which is cheaty and sloppy, but there's no way around this other than by editing the mod to use more reasonable numbers. It's cheaty because not only will they never miss, they'll get maximum damage out of the range of possible damage per missile.
  • Contrary to popular belief (even the UESP wiki had this wrong for years), NPCs can definitely get both Common and Blight Diseases. Your companion inevitably will get diseased if they go out fighting with you, and it will happen multiple times. (This is also true of Oblivion companions and Skyrim followers, and Skyrim has no vanilla Cure Disease spell that works on NPCs, so you have to get a mod that provides it.)
    • When this happens (and it may not be obvious except with Strength), if they do not have an option to Cure and Restore themselves, they must be Cured by you, and have Restore spells cast on them (in that order) to fix damaged stats (including from Greater Bonewalkers, which damage stats directly without an intervening disease; the Cure part can be skipped in that case). Very few companions have any scripting to detect their own diseases or damaged stats. No NPCs can use shrines, potions, scrolls, or cast-on-use items to resolve these problems for themselves. With companions that have dialogue options to cast restorative spells on themselves, check their stats before and after, because there is no guarantee that this feature works as intended in OpenMW. There is at least one mod that makes the curative and even buffing effects of shrines/altars work as an area effect, so that it applies to companions.
    • The safest bet is to get Restore spells for every Attribute, in on-touch versions, and use them periodically on all companions, after first using a Cure-all spell, like Vivec's Touch (which you get for free and which has a far lower casting cost than it should). Due to the Magicka expenditure, you may want to Fortify Magicka first and do this routine immediately before using Rest, unless you also want to drink some Restore Magicka. Note: There are no Restore Skill spells available in the game; the effect is only provided by shrines/altars. It is needed to counter Damage Skill effects of Fury and Elvul's Black Blindfold, and of various monsters and items added by mods. If you have a mod that provides Restore Skill spells, you will want them, since it likely means the mod has also added more Damage Skill things. The shrine/altar restoration does not always work in OpenMW, so you may need to manually correct a damaged skill with the Console (including on yourself).
    • Companions can even catch vampirism and lycanthropy (the werewolf disease in Bloodmoon). These are just Common Diseases during the first three days, but after that there is no way to cure an NPC of them in-game, only in the Console.
    • There is, fortunately, no known way for an NPC to catch Corprus disease.
  • Companions will happily jump into lava pits in places like Dwemer ruins. They simply do not recognize lava as dangerous; all they see is a drop they think they can handle (and are often wrong about that, too, if you don't fix their Acrobatics – they think they can handle any jump that you can). Quickly cast an on-target Levitate on a lava-swimming companion to get them out (very quickly if you're using one of the "deadly lava" realism mods that jack up the damage). With smarter, auto-levitating companions, you can also simply cast Levitate on yourself, and the companion with do the same and rise out of the lava. To date, zero companions have been found smart enough to understand they are in lava and need to Levitate out of it.

Customize your companions as you like with similar Console adjustment to those described above. Most companions seem to come with either a) high Short Blade and/or Long Blade skill and poor skills with any other weapon type; or b) implausibly excessive skill with all weapon types; or c) no real skills, if they are some kind of trivial hireling like a farmer or maid. If you have a big stockpile of high-end maces and staves you don't use as a player character, and have a Long Blade skill of 75 yourself, try SetBluntWeapon,70 to have a mace/staff/club-wielding companion who can nearly keep up with your combat ability, and set their other weapon skills very low so they avoid equipping other weapon types you might have them temporarily carrying. Better yet, set that skill to more like 50-something and the others to 5, so you are the leader and do most of the serious fighting.

You can also use OpenMW-CS to modify the companion's starting stats, if they are of the sort that grow in power with you. Just be aware that some of their stat-changing scripts can be complicated, and some are not affected at all by the initial starting values (which may be set only so they have some stats as an NPC if you attack them upon first meeting).

Either technique is a solution for the "I really love the looks of this butler or dancer NPC, who has inventory sharing but worthless stats, and I wish they were a combat-capable companion" scenario. Just fix them. It's your game; the mod author isn't watching over your shoulder, and probably wouldn't object anyway (their own mod is taking the game in a new direction from Bethesda's, after all). Be aware that usually only combat-oriented companions come with advanced combat options, like being able to tell the companion to use ranged or melee attacks only.

Limitations of companions[edit]

There are many:

  • It's important to understand that companions do not have their own real AI and that their personalities are an illusion. All they have are scripts that check for a condition that a script can detect in this game engine, and do something predetermined in response, if the mod author thought to include such a test and response, and did so correctly. If the author didn't add a specific test for something (and it is not built into NPC AI), there isn't a way for the companion to "notice" or react appropriately. Some well-developed companions actually do various custom condition tests, but even these cannot prefigure every eventuality, nor can they reason, and there are conditions that cannot be tested for anyway.
  • No companions appear capable of proactive use of magic that responds directly to the threat that has appeared (e.g., using a spell, scroll, or potion of Resist Fire, or purposefully choosing a Frost Damage weapon, when facing a Flame Atronach). Some individual companion mods may be scripted to cast appropriate defensive or restorative spells in response to certain attack types after already being hit by one, such as using Cure Poison (a script can detect Poison Damage), but there seems to be no scriptable way for them to "see what's coming".
  • Most rely on the game engine's NPC algorithm for weapon selection, which is a bit mysterious. They sometimes pick weapons that are not the best for them, and it seems to be a mixture of factors including nominal weapon value, the minimum and maximum base damage it does, their skill level with the weapon type, whether it is magical, whether it still has charges, and various other bits of data.
  • On the plus side, one adaptation seen in several companion mods is use of a Jinkblade to attempt to paralyze the enemy, then switching to a more favored, higher-damage weapon. But, some companions will in fact just stab and stab with a Jinkblade, doing very little damage, until its magic is depleted. They also don't seem able to detect when an opponent is resistant to the Paralyze effect. Overall, it is most effective to give a companion a jinkblade and see how they do with it (unless you want to nerf their combat and do most fighting yourself).
  • Companions will not use Cast When Used enchantments of any kind; all their gear must be Cast on Strike or Constant Effect. This is true of all NPCs not specifically scripted to use the Cast When Used enchantments of a particular item they already have. In theory, individual companions could be coded with this capability, but none seem to be, and it would break if you gave them different gear.
    • Some forum users report [{{#switch:web

|nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author= A |custom= A |web= W | }}]  that companions will activate Cast When Used gear, if a) it has at least one offense (not just defense) component, and b) it is fully charged. This does not seem to work in OpenMW. If this claim about the vanilla game is correct, then OpenMW has a bug.

  • Companions will not use fortification potions or fortification scrolls of any kind.
  • Nor will most of them use Restore Fatigue or Restore Magicka stuff (though some are scripted with their own invisible restoration "stash" and can apply it when told to or, rarely, on their own initiative). A handful (e.g. Gatanas and Julan) will actually use bought/loot Restore Fatigue and Restore Magicka potions of the vanilla sort, but this is a unusual feature. Most will use Restore Health (during combat only). Just give them one of each kind and see if they ever use them. If they don't, check their stats after fights; they may be scripted to cast equivalent spells on themselves, or to regenerate quickly.
    • Many if not most are scripted to slowly regenerate both Magicka and Fatigue (whether you use Rest or not).
  • Most will use a generic Shield scroll (Scroll of Xth Barrier), but a) they'll do it even when facing a trivial creature like a Nix Hound, and b) if they have more that one, they'll use them all back to back before starting to fight. So, just give them one at a time, when about to take on a tough baddie. They used to do this use-them-all-at-once thing with Restore Health potions in the generation 1 companions, but OpenMW has fixed the problem, and it never affected most later companions anyway.
  • Some will not take a Restore Health potion of the cheapest two varieties, and virtually none will take a player-made one, only a standard one from a merchant or found as loot.
  • Most companions will not use Restore Health potions or spells until near death (typically 30% or even 20% Health), no matter how fast they are taking damage, and none will use one automatically except during combat, so they need to be healed (or, if they have this feature, told to heal) manually by the player after combat is over, if they don't have constant-effect Restore Health items. A few will not even take the potions during a fight, and must be healed on the fly by the player if facing tough opponents. Many will also refuse to take one even if they have a option to tell them to do so, if their health isn't below a certain amount, typically 80%, requiring you to cast a Restore Health on them if you want them back up to full.
  • Unless scripted to so do, companions will not tell you they are injured or tell you what their health and other status is. The easiest way to at least check their health is to cast a very low-cost Restore Health on them; this will (in OpenMW) show the same yellow status bar you get for enemy health in combat. To check other things, you will usually need GetStatName commands in the console.
  • Companions will not equip items that it might seem they "obviously" should. E.g., if you are buffed temporarily to Speed 300, and give a companion the Boots of Blinding Speed, they will not equip them in some effort to keep up; they only see them as low-quality leather boots and will ignore them unless all they have is shoes.
    • Some good companions have a script to increase their Speed to keep up if the player's goes up (and some will Levitate or Water Walk when you do if they are in follow mode). Many do not, however, and you can easily outrun and lose them, as with "take me to safety" NPCs in various quests. See above for how to give abilities like Water Breathing to companions, and increase their base Speed and Athletics, with the Console.
  • Many companions have stats set such that they will disregard low-quality armor, and either will not equip items like Netch Leather or Chitin at all, even if they came with it, or will have it equipped but will de-equip it the moment you change their inventory in any way. Some even reject Bonemold! This is a game-engine bug of NPCs. So, some companions may not be very usable at the very beginning of the game, until you've got some spare, non-terrible loot for them to wear. One solution to this is to use GetLightArmor etc., to see what their current skills are and reduce excessively high ones, and raise excessively low ones; they will then often then equip "lesser" gear. It may take experimentation. If they're scripted to set (and reset) their stats based on the players', this trick will not work, at least not for long (they most often reset after Rest, but some also upon being changed from wait to follow mode, or being out of then back in the same cell as the player).
    • If your companion is rejecting all armor, do GetUnarmored on them; if this stat is high, reduce it and they should start wearing the gear. If it keeps resetting to a high level, and you do not use Unarmored yourself, try resetting yours to a low level and see if that also reduces the companions' (you may have to sleep first with the companion present and in follow mode).
  • Companions with a high Unarmored skill may refuse to equip armor of various sorts or at all. It is not actually consistent from armor piece to armor piece, and may not be from mod to mod. Some non-exhaustive testing shows that some companions will refuse to equip a shield unless their Unarmored is 86 or lower, regardless what their Block skill is, but will still wear a cuirass when Unarmored is in the 90s. So, try adjusting Unarmored downward, and raising the desired Light, Medium, or Heavy Armor skill until you get them wearing what you want them to wear. It may be possible for some mage/monk companions to be hard-coded to refuse to wear armor at all.
  • A similar effect may also happen with regard to weapon-equipping with companions with very high Hand-to-Hand skill.
  • Because companions equip clothing based on its nominal value, you should always use Exquisite-level items when doing Constant Effect enchantments for them. Otherwise, they'll de-equip something they're supposed to be wearing if you give them Exquisite loot to carry.
    • An exception is that many companions will not wear two Exquisite rings at once, so one must be Extravagant if you want them to wear two rings (the first should be Exquisite). Some companions will not wear two rings at all. Also, glove quality does not go above Extravagant in the vanilla game.
    • You can ensure a companion always wears a particular item of apparel by using a very expensive one from a clothing mod, that exceeds the value of any loot item of the same class that might be encountered. You can also re-mod such an item to have an implausibly high value (as long as you don't sell it and cheat your way into free riches!).
  • A companion who favors missile weapons will waste ammo trying to shoot Slaughterfish and Dreughs underwater which seems to be impossible in OpenMW (and maybe in Bethesda's engine too?). If you are near water, put the companion in melee mode if there's an option to do so; if not, take away the missile weapon. If it's too late, kill the water critters yourself as fast as possible to conserve companion ammo. Similarly, spellcaster companions may try to use on-target spells underwater and they do not work (in OpenMW, anyway); only on-touch and on-self ones do (though any area-effect they have will work).
  • While most spell-focused character classes will use Destruction and/or Conjuration magic in combat, some fail to do so. If you have one that won't, they probably either lack the necessary spells, do not have the Magicka to cast them, or do not have high enough Destruction or Conjuration skill, all of which are adjustable in seconds with the Console, as detailed above.
  • If you have one who summons dangerous things like Storm Atronachs, or casts area-effect Destruction spells like Greater Shockball, and thereby keeps killing you or other companions, use RemoveSpell to take the spell away from them and give them a somewhat nerfed replacement, like Summon Dremora or Daedric Bite. (See the Nerfing companions section for related tips.)
  • You cannot give custom (Spellmaker-sold) spells to companions, only stock ones, by ID. You may wish to upgrade these over time, as spells that seemed badass when you were level 5 are a joke when you're level 20. This is not necessary with advanced, "learning" mage companions if their ReadMe file says they pick up new spells on their own.
  • Depleted magic items will not regenerate their charge while equipped by or in the inventory of companions (or any other NPCs, unless game scripting individually charges up items for certain of them, as I think it does with some essential NPCs). They only charge back up over time when in the possession of the player character. It is thus vital that you either rotate weapons between you and companions, so they always have one with charges, or you periodically take rest breaks, taking all their items from them that need to be charged, and doing Rest with them in your possession or manually (and expensively) recharging them with filled soul gems – even if you are over-encumbered while doing so – then give them back after they're charged up. This is best done indoors in secured locations, since in the wilderness you can be attacked by random creatures while Resting, you may be encumbered, and your companion may be unarmed. If using the soul-gem approach, you do not have to leave the inventory-sharing window to charge the items; just put them in your inventory, drag soul gems onto your paperdoll, charge the desired item, and give it back. You can save time by putting the soul gems in the companion inventory so they stack, then dragging them back to yourself so you can use the stack instead of one gem at a time. Using Fortify Enchant will get better results and waste fewer gems.
    • For this can't-charge reason, combat companions should always have multiple magic weapons (even as many as four or five, if you plan to be at it all day without stopping). Most will switch to a new, charged weapon after they deplete their preferred one; this may be part of the game's general NPC AI.
  • Similarly, NPCs cannot repair their own gear, even if they are Smiths and offer Repair as a service. You have to take damaged gear from companions and fix it yourself (or have them do so via their menu if they offer the Repair service), then give the items back. You do not have to leave the companion inventory window to do repairs, just put the items in your inventory, do the fix-it work, then give them back to the companion. Using Fortify Armorer will do more repair, with higher chance of success, per hammer use.
  • If you have a "pseudo-companion" – a follower NPC with whom you cannot share inventory – like Forgeir, the Fighters Guild mercenary you can hire in stage three of the Hlaalu Stronghold quests, their gear will eventually wear out, making them useless and helpless. This can be fixed by: a) saving your game, b) Console-killing them with SetHealth,0 temporarily, c) taking all their repairable items and dropping each on the ground, d) using the Console to click on each and get its ID, e) reloading your savegame, f) opening the Console and clicking the follower, then g) doing RemoveItem,"Item_ID",1 followed by h) AddItem,"Item_ID",1, for each item. This will give them fresh, 100%-fixed replacements for all their damaged gear items. This even works on custom enchanted items, which have IDs like "$dynamic12345"; with those, like IDs containing spaces, the double quotes around the ID in the commands are mandatory. If you're a stickler, you can deduct from your own gold the approximate cost the repairs would have run, with something like player->RemoveItem,"Gold_001",150. This Console-based gear removal and addition can also be used to replace any crap gear they have with better gear you've earned or bought but don't need, then use Disable on your gear item you dropped to get its ID, thus deleting the original item (you only gave them a copy with the console, not that actual item, which remains in the game world otherwise).
  • When companions use Levitate (by any means), they often clip into the ground if your elevation is higher than theirs and they have not risen to yours yet. This can cause them to get stuck or fall through the floor if the effect ends while they are still clipping. If you see one clipping like this, move to where this isn't happening as soon as you can, and keep the levitation going until you do so.
  • Some companions (all those based on Companion Project 3.1) have a "warping" capability, such that when they are in follow mode, and are not in combat, if they get too far away from the player character they'll teleport to the PC's location. While this can look funny – they may chase off after a critter in the distance then reappear in front of you and do it again – it is very practical for not leaving them behind accidentally. Older companions do not have this feature, and it is missing from some later ones that were independently developed. Not all companions who have this feature have it implemented correctly enough to work in OpenMW, though that particular failure is rare (only affects Witchgirl Adventure in tests so far).
  • Most companions do not have any kind of "move out of the way, you are blocking the player character" capability, and consequently will very frequently block the PC into corners and otherwise become an obstacle. You just learn to work around it, by anticipating tight spaces (e.g. Imperial towers' spiral stairs) and having the companion wait; by moving in ways that "lure" the companion into a new position that hopefully gives you enough room to get by; and by using the Console's ToggleCollision (TCL) command for a moment to get unstuck. Even companions who do have a "Move" feature often don't have one that works reliably. Some "NPC commanding" mods have an option along the lines of "Take my place", which swaps your cell position with that of the NPCs; if you find one that works, it should work on all companions and is a handy alternative to the Console trick.
    • In Bethesda's engine, that Console trick often got companions and wandering NPCs stuck in walls and floors because the no-collision clipping applied to them, too, for the duration. This bug/misfeature is almost entirely fixed in OpenMW; about the only way it will happen is if you use this trick to move far enough away from the companion that it triggers them to warp to you, and they do so in a way that causes them to clip with a wall or something, and you turn collision back on. To fix it, just move far enough away again to cause them to warp again, or cast Levitation if they auto-Levitate with you (which puts them into no-collision mode temporarily), or cast an on-touch or on-target Levitation on them for the same effect, then lead them to somewhere they are not overlapping anything.
    • Do not follow the oft-given vanilla gameplay advice to use the Console command ResetActors (RA) to fix this or any other problem. It often does not work, and doing it will send all NPCs back to their original locations (or at least all of those in the same cell – this needs further testing). This was poor advice even for vanilla gameplay, since it will also undo your hard Command Humanoid work to move some vanilla NPCs around.
  • Teleportation and companions:
    • Except a few specifically scripted to do so (and some of those fail in OpenMW), companions cannot follow you through Recall or Intervention. The only forms of teleportation they can consistently follow you through are: guild guide, siltstrider, and ship fast travel; and teleport doors (a.k.a. load doors – doors that load a new cell rather than swing open – they go from one cell to another, indoor or outdoor, and may be an activator that does not look like a door). Some mod-provided teleport items will work with companions, but only when they go to either a) an outdoor cell, or b) a specific, pre-determined indoor location. Even then they may not work.
    • The one known mod solution for Recall/Intervention and companions, that works in Bethesda's engine without MWSE, has also been patched to work with OpenMW, but only works for a few high-end companions. (See Companion Teleportation entry in the Companion and NPC utilities and misc. section.)
    • Mods that add new teleportation means (airships, etc.) that use the same underlying method as fast travel or teleport doors will work with companions (usually), and many mods do this with additional guild guides. Those that are based on Recall or Intervention (i.e., direct, on-the-spot teleportation without an NPC or object outside your own inventory) will generally not work with companions. This includes house-mod teleportation rings and similar items. This also holds true of mod teleportation that is borrowed from that of Bethesda's to-and-from-Mournhold NPCs rather than from regular Guide Guides (see next entry).
    • Taking companions to/from Mournhold: The teleportation NPCs provided by Tribunal are player-character only. Some companions have "Let's go to Mournhold" or "Meet me in Mournhold" options to compensate (or even are guild guides themselves with Mournhold as a destination), but most do not. A work-around is to install the Balmora Council Club mod in the Fast travel section (even if you have no interest in that home/business), since it adds companion-compatible Mournhold guild guides. Another is to use the two alternative Guild Guides provided by the Staff Agency mod (in the Many-companion mods section).
    • Some companions will not follow you through a teleport door or fast travel until you move and then stop again. If you go in a door and then another door (perhaps to its left or right on a perpendicular wall) without walking, or use one guild guide then another without taking a step after the first, the companion may be left behind. A few also will not follow if they are still in motion when you trigger the teleport. And some companions are bugged in that they require a moment after a teleport to get back in follow mode. So, the best practice to avoid all these problems is to teleport when everyone is standing still, wait a second after the teleport, take a step, wait a second, then do the second teleport. This becomes second nature quickly, and will keep multiple companions following you no matter who wrote them with what glitches.
    • If you have two or more companions following you, you have to ensure they're all in range (approximately 25 feet) or the further-away one(s) will not follow you through fast travel or a teleport door. The maximum practical number is three followers (especially indoors), and even this is often frustrating. Two rarely pose a left-behind problem, though they still increase your likelihood of being boxed into a tight space by them, and are also apt to damage each other frequently in combat, and to thus require Restore Health attention. If you note that they always follow in a particular order, you can compensate by giving the frontmost one better armor, the back one weaker weapons, etc.
    • Think thrice before you give a companion the more powerful stuff available in the official Area Affect Arrows add-on. Be careful using them yourself; you'll rarely get to shoot two in a row, because your companion will rush to meet the enemy as soon as the first hits, and thus will get in range of the area of effect of a second shot in most cases.
  • Like other NPCs, companions will respond to being hit with Soul Trap as a hostile action, so be careful with area-effect versions of the spell.
  • Various companions (especially fighter mercenaries) come with Guard AI as part of their scripting. The author thought it would be cool if they auto-attacked hostile creatures on sight. Unfortunately, they'll arrest you if you attack a humanoid who hasn't initiated combat first, even in the wilderness or in bandit/smuggler lairs (and even if the companion is in follow mode when you do it; they'll arrest when taken out of follow). They may also arrest you for theft and lockpicking if they are not in follow mode when you do it, but will ignore it if they are. They can be edited in OpenMW-CS to not be Guards. Some cleverer mod authors kept the Guard AI, but included scripts that prevent them from treating you as a criminal.
    • A few companions without Guard AI have a high Alarm level and will report you for crimes rather than arrest you, or react negatively to you if you have a Bounty; these can usually be fixed with a SetAlarm,0 on them in the Console, though a few have custom scripting in this regard.
    • Companions (not just Guard-AI ones) may turn hostile toward you if you attack one of your own summoned creatures. If you are going to "harvest" some Golden Saints or whatever, put followers in wait mode first. They regard the attack on your summon as an attack on their party, and respond by attacking the culprit, who also happens to be in the party. This is also why two companions will sometimes turn on each other after one hits you during combat with a real enemy.
  • Never give a companion a weapon or other item with a Damage Attribute or Damage Skill effect, or use one around them. Inevitably, your companions will sometimes hit each other and you, and you'll hit them. In a big fight, you might end up crippling each other. The Drain version is safer, since it wears off without having to use Restore potions, spells, or shrines. Also, Damage Skill effects are not always properly repaired by shrines/altars, and are especially dangerous. Companions can't recover from the shrines/altars anyway without a mod that gives them an area effect when you trigger them (nor does the game provide any other means of Restore Skill, without third party mods doing it), though some companions have a "restore your stats" dialogue option.
  • For the same "collateral damage" reason, avoid giving companions area-of-effect weapons or spells.
  • Companions (and vanilla followers) will "stack" and clip/collide when going through doors between cells. If you have them in tow, always be moving forward at least for a split second when going through a teleport door so that you are a step ahead of them when they materialize. If you do not, and two or more are colliding with you, you can sometimes be forced through the ground, and fall (to the water table or into the void). If this has started to happen, quickly enter the Console and use TCL briefly to get unstuck (or un-falling).
  • Companions who increase in skills and level as your own stats increase do so in inconsistent ways from mod to mod. In many cases, a companion's stats will not go up unless you successfully use the Rest function, with the companion in the same cell, and in follow mode. At least one (Jasmine) does not do this properly (needs to be told to "practice your skills", i.e. recalculate stats, after every Rest for which she's present).
  • As covered in previous sections in more detail:
    • All companions need to have abnormally high Acrobatics, or will frequently die from falling off things like siltstrider platforms for no apparent reason, or simply from following you when you jump around. However, many come with this stat set as low as 5 or 10, and must be fixed in order to be usable for very long. (See the cheat-potential notes below for a consequence of this Acrobatics boost with a companion who offers Training service.)
    • Companions don't recognize lava as dangerous and need to be very quickly Levitated out of it.
    • Companions most certainly can and will get diseases and have their stats harmed by them and by Greater Bonewalkers. Even if they have an option to cast Cure and Restore on themselves, they depend on you to make that happen.
    • Some aspects of companions (even them being present where you left them) can reset after 72 hours away from the player character, so don't leave them alone for long stretches. Some companions do not seem to be affected by this (especially the simplest ones), but others can get their stats messed up, or will disappear. Safest to leave them at home (where ever you decide that is) and return to it frequently.
    • Companions with an "auto-move" or "step aside" feature temporarily exit follower mode to move; if you teleport (including by a door to another cell) before they get back into follower mode, they'll be left behind.

Good news: Bethesda companion bugs fixed in OpenMW[edit]

At least eight long-documented bugs in the Bethesda engine that negatively affected companions appear to be completely eliminated in OpenMW:

  • Companions (and player characters, for that matter) who are Unarmored specialists no longer have to be wearing at least one item of armor. In Bethesda they must, or their Armor Rating will be always be 0 even if they have an Unarmored skill of 100.
  • Companions no longer sometimes disappear when going through doors between cells while the Levitation effect is active on them.
  • The game does not crash when a companion with a Slowfall effect active on them goes through a door between cells.
  • Companions no longer guzzle, back-to-back, all Restore Health potions that they have in inventory. Many companion mods have specific code to stop this behavior, but in OpenMW it no longer even happens with Tribunal's stock Calvus Horatius mercenary companion, nor any third-party companions tested so far. However, companions will still fire off as many Shield scrolls (such as Scroll of the Fifth Barrier) as they have in inventory, back-to-back, as soon as they enter combat.
  • Companions no longer randomly drink other potions (including booze) in inventory. In OpenMW, it is safe to have companions act as "pack mules" for potion loot, other than they may drink a few Restore potions if they happen to need one at the time.
  • Companions scripted to auto-regenerate Magicka and/or Fatigue would sometimes have this regen effect turn negative under certain circumstances, when changing cells – it would act as a drain instead of a regeneration. This is why so many companions have a dialogue option to reset Magicka regen. In OpenMW, you should never need to use it.
  • Relatedly, constant Effect items often caused problems with companions in the original game engine, by their effects turning negative (e.g. a CE Restore Health would become a slow-death item). This doesn't happen in OpenMW at all, and CE items are highly recommendable for companions.
  • In Bethesda's engine, changing the load order of a companion (or other NPC) mod would typically cause doubling of the companion and sometimes other NPCs in the mod, and typically would break companion scripting. This required using Disable in the Console on the original NPC, and re-doing a bunch of stuff to get the companion back into something like their former self. None of this appears to affects OpenMW. (Doubling is still possible if you add two mods that contain the same NPC.)

Cheat potential and balance problems of companions[edit]

  • Companions make almost all combat situations at least somewhat easier for the player character (as long as you stay out of the companion's line of fire). This can totally unbalance the game, especially with multiple companions.
    • The first compensating method is to turn up the Difficulty slider.
    • Another obvious way is to leave companions outside in wait mode when you enter a new area or at least a "boss" fight area. Feel free to reload a savegame and do a fight over if it was disappointingly anticlimactic with a companion's help. A few companions have a "stay out of the fight but keep following" sort of option, but most do not, and have to be put into wait or wander (not guard) mode. For vanilla follower NPCs, who are usually a liability not a help except at the earliest levels, your best bet is to outrun them to a new cell by Fortify Speed or some other approach, and come back for them later – within 72 game hours.
    • If the game is still too easy for you, you may have to adjust in other ways, e.g. by using the console to reduce a companion's stats or even your own (especially for companions whose stats change with yours). See the Nerfing companions section for a detailed "make the companion harmless" approach.
    • You may need to stop using an over-powered companion and pick a different one after a while, whose stats are not so excessive (and stay non-excessive).
    • You can also try installing difficulty mods. There are many, ranging from enhancements of specific foes, or increased numbers of random creatures or hostile NPCs, to economy overhauls that make gold harder to earn, or all-new combat systems. Some are MWSE-dependent (not OpenMW-compatible), and others make such systemic changes they frequently conflict with other mods; look for a simple one to start with.
    • Another compensation is to only use companions for combat if you are tackling something earlier than you are supposed to (e.g. at level 15 for a mod that recommends level 30 and higher, or doing tough parts of Tribunal and Bloodmoon around that level).
    • You can avoid using companions with Guard AI; those without it will not rush into combat with hostiles, but will wait until hostiles, or you, actually land a blow (or hostile spell).
  • Companions increase your effective carrying capacity, sometimes by more than your own Encumbrance stat. This can help you get richer, quicker. It's also a major time saver; you make fewer trips back and forth between loot piles and merchants. Anything that reduces player real-time spent on "bureaucracy" and tedium (grinding) is a convenience not a cheat in the minds of many players, especially those wanting to play this game once and move on to another, or those who've already played it before and are eager to get past the early stages and on to high-level quests in factions they haven't tried yet. However, the increased profitability is a bit cheaty. A compensating mechanism is to not use Personality and Mercantile boosts to get better prices, and just accept those that are offered by merchants. Another is to make no use of the two wealthy creature merchants who buy at full retail (Creeper and Mudcrab Merchant).
  • Most companions will still follow you, haltingly and at a distance, if they have a "warp to player position" script, even when they are overencumbered, and they can still fight (rooted to one spot) in this condition. So, you can load them with 5,000 units of loot and drag them around like they're a Pack Elephant. (One mod's Pack Rats follow in this manner while dead, if they died in follow mode.) Exploiting this is officially lame. If your companion isn't following properly, and always lagging behind, standing stock still, overencumbrance is surely why. (If they shouldn't be overencumbered – e.g., they weren't a few minutes ago, with the same loot – this is an indication that a Greater Bonewalker, disease, or other problem has affected their Strength or Endurance and reduced their Encumbrance capacity; see tip about fixing this in the Help your companion survive section. If their stats frequently update based on yours, a sudden reduction in their capacity might even mean it's you that's diseased or cursed.)
  • Services: Various companions offer services. Many players will consider it cheaty, especially if they offer more than one service.
    • Trainers: Anyone will find this option cheaty if they consider the efforts to find better trainers over time central to the game. This will be especially the case with companions whose own stats adjust with yours; what they offer to train will vary over time and their ability will keep increasing, making them a "mega-trainer". Also, the necessary fix to raise all companions' Acrobatics high (see above) will make any trainer companions into Master Trainers of that skill, unless you temporarily lower it while using their Training service.
    • Merchant: Kind of a senseless option, and basically a lame "slow but sure infinite money" cheat, if the NPC has any significant daily-resetting funds: you can sell them an item, then take it back via Companion Share, and have the item and the money, and keep doing it until the money runs out, and do it again every day. Another thing some may object to is Merchant companions with any restocking goods like silver arrows or Restoration potions, though this is primarily a time-saving convenience that doesn't make the game much easier, just less repetitive of returning to shops or making your own potions.
    • Spells: May be cheaty if the companion offers a lot of spells, rare ones, ones that cost less than they should in gold or in Magicka expenditure, or spells that should not be possible (e.g. with doubled, tripled, etc. application of the same magic effect, or doing something not normally available, like Restore Magicka). A particularly obvious cheat is a companion selling you any Fortify Skill spell; these are normally only available from a total of four NPCs (three in Tribunal and one in Bloodmoon), and are not available to just-starting characters, but require faction quests. Used "too cleverly", fortified skills and other "super-spells" from a companion can unbalance the game very quickly.
    • Spellmaker and Enchanter: Not very cheaty, since NPCs who offer these services are fairly common and often not faction-specific, and you can bring them home with Command Humanoid. The potentially cheaty element of a companion providing these services is that you can get a replacement spell or a new item enchanted right in the middle of a dungeon crawl without having to return to civilization; for many this will be a real-time saver, not a cheat.
    • Armorer: Gets you repairs without having to buy hammers, and at a low cost once your companion's Disposition is maxed (and with many simple companions it starts that way). The cheat potential of this is limited, since your own Armorer skill will go up over time, and it will be much cheaper to do repairs yourself (nor will you even care about that pocket change anyway, after a certain point).
    • You can use OpenMW-CS to create a re-mod of the companion mod that removes any or all services from them; they are just checkboxes in the NPC's entry.
  • When you get to a level where you are regularly producing your own enchanted items, companions can be used as "mobile storage" for ones you don't need in combat but only situationally (e.g. a belt of high-speed Levitation, on use), without you having to carry all of them. Companions don't do anything with on-use enchantments.

Nerfing companions[edit]

  • If you love the virtual camaraderie of companions but want them to have minimal real effect on combat, yet not die all the time, you can use the following technique to make the companion harmless (unless their stats auto-adjust to track with your own):
    1. Set their defensive skills (armor of whatever sort, Agility, Block, Restoration, Illusion, Alteration) very high – over 100 – and/or give them cheat-powerful armor if some mod provided some, and/or make sure they have great defensive spells and abnormally high Magicka
    2. Set Luck in the middle (around half of yours)
    3. Reduce offensive combat skills (weapons, Marksman – always with low-end ammo you got free as loot – plus Destruction and Conjuration, and replace powerful spells with weaker ones). Set them low enough to usually fail and to do minimal damage when they succeed (but keep the favored weapon higher than others, e.g. set it to 15 and others to 5).
    4. If you want an "arm candy" companion just in fancy clothes and no armor, you can give them Unarmored 200 and they'll be pretty much invincible, especially with constant-effect Restore Health on some items.
  • Contrarily, if you've beaten all the game's quests and enemies, and a bunch of mods for high-level characters, and are running out of challenges, you can try intentionally using companions who are weak and death-prone (Calvus Horatius is a good choice, without any modification necessary, especially if you are over level 25 – leveled monsters are apt to kill him). Your new mission is to keep the companion(s) alive through hair-raising adventures – which can be more difficult than it sounds.
    • A good taste of this and the serious challenges it can pose is doing the official Siege at Firemoth add-on quest at level 40 or so, with no goal in mind (given the low-end loot) other than the survival of all three, eventually four, game-provided followers. The only way to do it is to switch gears and be nothing but a support mage healing your compatriots while they do most of the fighting, and to Calm the spellcasting one again and again to minimize the damage he does to his friends; you will need a large number of Fortify and Restore Magicka potions. At the final Lich fight, switch back into baddass mode, and take that boss out before he kills them all in one to two strikes. (See the TESW article on the quest for details.)
  • Hard-core nerfing: If you have an "über" companion, like Belial, you can nerf this NPC's combat ability more seriously by using RemoveSpell to take away powerful spells (and replace them with weak ones via AddSpell), then custom-enchanted weapons that are low-damage and have negative Constant Effects, e.g. a Glass Dagger with a Drain Short Blade effect, and just refrain from giving them higher-damage weapons.


  • Most companions charge no money for their services. If you find this too implausible, you can manually pay them a periodic fair salary or a loot share, by giving them gold in inventory or, less visibly, by just docking yourself the amount with something like player->RemoveItem,"Gold_001",1000.
  • Give them great gear; you really do not need 1 million septims, or a collection of a dozen Glass Curiasses in a chest, so don't be stingy. They're risking their virtual lives every time they go somewhere with you, and take a lot of damage.
  • If you have a big house mod or have already built your Great House stronghold, you can enhance the sense of having a buddy (or spouse, or bodyguard, or whatever) by using a furniture mod to give them their own stuff (bed, closet, etc.), removing useless stock furniture if necessary. If you have lots of houses, you can give some to specific companions as their own homes (though remember to visit within 72 game hours if you don't want aspects of some companions to reset to defaults).
  • See also the Companion and NPC utilities and misc. section for roleplay interaction and realism mods.

Specific companion mods[edit]

For slaves-as-companions mods, see the Slaves and slavery section.


  • Julan, Ashlander Companion 2.02 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Kateri [{{#switch:emma |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}]  – In testing; working so far with a patch and with daily builds of OpenMW 0.42 and later, from July 2017 or later (did not work even with the patch in 0.41 versions in January and March 2017). See bottom of first forum post here [{{#switch:web |nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author= A |custom= A |web= W |

}}]  for the .omwaddon patch file. This is probably the most famous Morrowind companion mod of all, and has even been said to be the best home-grown mod for any game ever. Its many connections to the Ashlander side of the Main Quest really do enrich the game – various fans of this mod will not play the game without it, and it has been among the most-requested for OpenMW compatibility testing and fixes. Julan is highly interactive, has a rich back story and side quests, is trainable (actually must be trained, by you, by trainers, and/or by skill books), and pretty well simulates having a mind of his own. He comes pretty skilled at a few things, including Light Armor, Short Blade, and Marksman, but he's easy to train into a combat mage, an axe specialist, or whatever. At some point, he can even train you. How powerful he becomes is entirely up to you. He will automatically use Levitate, Water Breathing, and Water Walking with you. Disposition progresses naturally; Persuasion appears scripted to fail and reduce Disposition, even if your Speechcraft is 100.

His quest scripting is quite particular; e.g., if he says he needs to stop in Vos before taking you to meet his mother the mabrigash, he means it; when at her camp, and he says to go light a fire, actually do it; and so on. That said, it is hard to mess up his quests, unless you tell him you aren't going to help him any longer and dismiss him. Many of his dialogues have multiple possible responses you can choose, that produce different reactions from him, but they do not seem to have serious game-play consequences (e.g., you can be serious, or jokey, and it's okay). Exceptions are romance-related ones (either toward him or toward another character, Shani). Julan uses the game's default male Dunmer voice acting, not to excess; Shani actually uses Bosmer voice, to sound less like an old lady who smokes too much. Julan interacts a little with some other companions (mostly Jasmine and some of Emma's, below).

    • Minor issues: Like some other companions, but unlike various "sleeping" NPCs (Dagoth Ur's Sleepers, and a sacrifice victim in Bloodmoon), he will not lay down and stay there. In a scene in which he's supposed to be recuperating, he lays down and stands up over and over again, until you talk to the healer and give him a moment to get out of bed. (This seems to be an OpenMW bug, since other companions like Gatanas and Laura Craft (below) have malfunctional "sleep" or "lie down" dialogue options.) If you are playing Imperial Cult, and he is in follow mode while you are on one of its quests in which something was mentioned about sending a missionary to the Ashlanders, Julan goes into "mock-missionary" mode, producing silly screeds about ancestors and the Daedra, which is fun for about five minutes then very annoying. He sticks in this mode until that quest is complete (which you may not intend to do for some time). To make him stop harassing you about it, enter Journal,JulanMission,20 in the Console. If Sinnammu does not reappear in her Yurt after doing the vanilla part of making Ald Daedroth safe and leading her there, do "Sinnammu Mirpal"-> setpos z -300 inside her yurt; she's stuck in the ceiling. If Julan and/or Shani won't leave Vivec's palace, levitate (to get them to levitate with you) when going back out. If they get stuck in follow mode even after you tell them to stay, or keep fighting you or each other, use StopCombat on them. See also Julan-specific notes under the Companion Teleportation entry in the Companion and NPC utilities and misc. section.
    • Finding Julan: {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: Go to Ald-ruhn and do "latest rumors", then go to the Rat in the Pot, and talk to Adibael; as he hints, you next go to Ghostgate. Suggested level: 5+, since you have to save Julan from some baddies there (scary-looking, but weaker than their vanilla versions). If you pick him up after you are rather high-level, he'll be less fun.
    • Main Quest temporary blockage: With Julan installed, a few things are mandatory, or Main Quest progression is blocked (unless you dismiss Julan or he is dead). 1) He must be trained until ready to face what's inside the Ghostfence (without freaking out and teleporting away). The MQ stage involving Zainsubanni is blocked until this part of Julan is done. 2) Your entry into the Cavern of the Incarnate is blocked until you do the Shani (Julan's ex) and Mashti (Julan's mom) side quests. If you get stuck on either of them, see the FAQ posted by the mod author [{{#switch:author

|nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author= A |custom= A |web= W | }}] ; they're aimed at puzzle solvers, not thud-and-blunder gamers, so they require talking to particular people, etc., in particular orders, and sometimes seem to enforce realtime waiting (e.g. after Shani goes hunting, go do something else for a while, like a faction quest; same when she's staying in Mamea's Yurt.)

    • Not a puzzle solver? If you get stumped by Julan's often vague quests, see "Julan hints" on the talk page. The gist is that you have to follow clues in conversations and in your journal, raise people's dispositions, talk to more (mostly but not always Ahemmusa) Ashlanders than you might think (usually without Julan in follow mode), and go back and forth a lot. Look for new dialogue topics like "murderous witch", etc.; some of them are mandatory (often with someone other than who first mentioned the topic).
    • Version 2.1 3.0 is in the works, as of April 2017 (and still as of February 2018, though beta testing is underway now [{{#switch:web

|nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author= A |custom= A |web= W | }}] . It is not compatible with savegames from 2.02 or earlier. PS: This "modder reawakening" is a good proof that OpenMW is renewing interest not just in the base game but also in its community.

  • Jasmine, a Morrowind Companion 2.7 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Jac (Gulfwulf, GHF) [{{#switch:nexus |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W |

}}]  – Working so far, aside from minor glitches, and highly recommendable just for Jasmin's actual companionability. She's a solid contender among the best MW companion mods to date, with lots of dialogue and quest scripting. She's Scout-class, uses the game's default Redguard female voice acting (not to excess), and will automatically use Levitate, Water Breathing, and Water Walking with you. Can (when prompted) cure herself of diseases as well as restore her own stats if they get damaged. She has abnormally high (200) Acrobatics, like many companions, to avoid ridiculous falling deaths. Jasmine is pretty tough, but not over-powered when you meet her (less so than Wolf Companion, below). As her stats and level increase with yours, she eventually becomes rather powerful; this can be mediated by nerfing her offense gear. The home she comes with in Seyda Neen is very modest. She has some of the smartest movement AI (aside from a minor bug), and usually responds to a nudge, and also has command options to move out of the way. She does not seem to cast offensive or defensive spells, though will sometimes cast Restore Health on herself, but usually will not (it's safest to give her her Constant Effect gear and stock potions that provide the effect). She's also easy on the eyes – her appearance is modeled on a particular Playboy Playmate, and she's a Better Bodies companion, so looks pretty realistic, not like the awkward, cartoonish NPCs of the vanilla Bethesda game. Jasmine has much to say if you look for dialogue options appearing after journal entries in the Main Quest and some major side quests. Sometimes she gives advice or expresses doubts (e.g. about a Fighters Guild quest that looks like an outright assassination). She is also romanceable, but it takes work and might not all be functional in OpenMW yet.

Her quests so far have one and only one right answer, so save frequently in case you click the wrong one. It is difficult to find most of them; go with her to {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: the Eight Plates tavern in Balmora and talk to the NPC Deandre for a long series of them (frankly repetitive, but the rewards are {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: mostly skill books, so worth it). There are some more important ones that are only findable by walking around with her (especially in the mainland part of the Ascadian Isles region) [Tester note: Some of her quests have yet to be triggered by me after months. This includes the romance option (beyond the point where you get an impulsive hug), and a show-down with an enemy from her past. – Darklocq.] She's compatible with Julan, above (he has some bits of custom dialog when they're together). She works with Companion Role Play Plus; you can use this to raise her rather neutral disposition to something that makes more sense given what you do for her upon meeting her. Her disposition will vary on its own (mostly going up, though it drops temporarily if you try to talk to her while actively wielding a weapon, when you're diseased, and when giving "wrong" answers to her own quest prompts). Persuasion appears scripted to fail and reduce Disposition, even if your Speechcraft is 100.

    • Bugs: Sometimes her stats wig out a little; her strength may shoot up inexplicably, and it goes back to where it should be with her restore option, or after you use Rest. But it can also go lower than it should be after a Rest; if her stats have dropped, there's a "practice your skills" dialogue option that will fix it. After any teleport (including fast travel, and doors between cells) she can get confused and may stay standing where she is, unless you remain standing close to her for about one second, or nudge her, then continue forward. She will not use the crappy armor she comes with, so you have to get her better gear immediately. She has a dialogue option to teleport with you if you use Recall or Intervention, but it does not work in OpenMW. See Companion Teleportation in the Fast travel for a workaround with does work with her. Under OpenMW 0.42, using her teleport ring caused her to disappear unrecoverably. Other issues from that period were fixed in OpenMW 0.43, but this one has not been re-tested yet. This mod has a minor conflict with Bitter Coast Compilation; Jasmine's house intersects with that of another NPC (not that you'd notice), and blocks the latter's door. This is harmless since getting into Jasmine's place is necessary while getting into the other's is not.
    • Finding her: Do so a) after you are certain what mods you want to run with this time and that they're in a functional order, and you've started a new game (she's sensitive to mod-list order changes); b) before you go to Caius Cosades to start the Main Quest; and c) without mods that radically alter the Main Quest. Getting her to trigger properly as a companion, rather than just some NPC you rescued from {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: Addamasartus, requires specific undocumented steps: after you find her, you must {{#if:potential spoilers|potential spoilers|spoiler}}: acquiesce to her two requests, take her to her house, dialogue with her again inside it, then click on her closet, then dialogue with her again to configure her behavior, and all in that specific order; only then is she ready to go (hopefully to the shop for some real gear).
    • Main Quest note: Jasmine will not follow you into the Cavern of the Incarnate. After you go there and she says he has to wait outside, then her inventory becomes inaccessible until you complete that part; so, get what you need from her before approaching its door.
    • The OpenMW-patched version of Companion Teleportation works with Jasmine (if you turn on the teleportation following option in her dialog menus, which has no effect without CT installed).
  • Companion Project 3.1 by Grumpy [{{#switch:mmh

|nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}]  – Working. This is the basis for most later companion mods, and provides as a demo a Nord named Nancy, a straight-up fighter with Guard AI. (You must bring her into the game with via the Console, e.g with PlaceAtPC,"1gr_comp3",1,100,0). Using this modders'-resource ESP as the basis, you can comparatively easily build your own custom companion by duplicating scripts and TopicInfos and creating a new NPC with the features you want (though this is honestly easier said than done with the current version of OpenMW-CS). The download link provided here is to a repaired ZIP file; while you can get it at other sites, the original ZIP had hard-coded full paths in it, which may be problematic on some systems.

  • Dawn Companion [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] 1.3 by Korana (based on Joseph Michael Linsner's comic book character of the same name) [{{#switch:nexus |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}] : Working, though simple. Her disposition does not vary, she has no quests, is not a spellcaster, doesn't have very unique dialog, never triggers audio, and has permanent fancy underwear regardless of your version of Better Bodies. Her scripting is very robust, and her navigation and combat AI is as smart as it gets, other than – like most companions – she'll happily injure you if you don't get out of her way in combat. Technically not lore-friendly, except you don't have to interpret her as Linsner's character, just as some random human with some tats. Some aspects of the readme actually pertain to an earlier mod this one is based on, Grumpy's Companion Project 3.1 (e.g., you can ignore the instructions to console her in, since she's actually already in-game, at {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: Desele's House of Earthly Delights, in Suran, with a "luggage" chest). Dawn comes with over-powered gear, other than her good but unenchanted sword; the un-cheat is to put the mega-armor away until you earn comparable gear in the game, then let her wear one of her saucy outfits. I think this is the intended idea, since she has 4 of them in wildly varying armor classes, from pretty darned good to Daedric level. Another philosophy on this is that mega-strong armor for a companion isn't really a cheat if you don't use it on the player character; all it does is keep the companion alive, which you would likely do by reloading a savegame if she was killed anyway. She automatically does Water Breathing, but must be told to Levitate and to stop doing it (she'll clip into the ground temporarily if you forget the last bit). Her agility is super-high; if you can survive a jump/fall, so can she. She's not over-powerful, and you can get her killed pretty easily if you don't give her the super-armor she comes with, so be protective. Like many companions, she will not use a healing potion until desperate, and will not use one between fights, so use a Restore Health on her after every fight, and during them in big fights or give her CE Restore Health gear. She also cannot cure herself of diseases or their effects (including damaged Strength from Greater Bonewalkers), so use Vivec's Touch (or equivalent) after fights with diseased enemies, and periodically cast Restore spells on her for all stats (do so for any other companions who lack self-restoration). Dawn offers Repair service. She's also her own unique race, for whatever reason – pale and flame-haired, and of Breton stature. Dawn's unique teleportation feature, to Mournhold or to Balmora Mages Guild, will bring you along, but if other companions (or pack animals) are in tow, they will not go along for this ride. The author says Dawn "should" work as a vampire companion, if you get her to contract that condition.

    • The Companion Teleportation mod doesn't work with Dawn.
    • You can play as your own version of this character (the race has Imperial stats, with a different daily Power) with this head and permanent underwear, by using the Playable Dawn and Equipment (formerly Dawn Prefabricated Character) mod, included in the same archive; not tested in OpenMW yet.
  • Beryl and Hurd [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Emma – Severely malfunctional in OpenMW; they go into "I'm in combat against nothing and will fight the air forever" mode at the drop of a hat. About the only present use for these two (alone or as a pair) is to pick them up as a level 1 PC, and use them as cannon-fodder against the smugglers in Addamasartus and other nearby caves and tombs, and hope they die in the process. If they don't, just leave them in there when they inevitably flip out. To even do this with them, you a) need to not have any fish around Seyda Neen who are aware of you and still alive, or B & H will go into combat freakout mode the instant they walk out of Arrille's where you find them, and b) if you have both installed, you probably need to lead each of them to Addamasartus one at a time, since just leaving Arrille's together can sometimes trigger their fight response. Also, do not use their "Put away your weapon" feature, as it has the opposite effect and sends them into combat mode (against you!). The combat-fixing steps in point #4 of the general companion advice above will work. Still, since this would have to be done again and again and again, they are not practical companion mods in OpenMW.

  • Laura Craft Romance (originally Girlfriend Breton) 2.2 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Emma: Update: Said to be working in OpenMW 0.44.0 and later. Old notes: Will not follow, but all other functions appear to work, except perhaps her specific trainability-for-a-cost (however, this might take effect after you level up yourself). Update: Actually, engaging her dialogue section about hurrying up or sleeping a little longer will put her into an endless wake-sleep-wake-sleep loop. If you avoid that part of her menus, she can still be used as a girlfriend mod, just one you have to manually visit. Her teleportation ring might be usable to move her into your own stronghold; I haven't tried. It can definitely be used to teleport her to a public square in Vivec (one of her "meet me there" places). She has various abilities, like Armorer. An included non-hostile creature, {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: a baby Clannfear in Laura's basement, will follow and fight, but is quest-related, so best not get it killed. One balance issue with this mod is that Laura's house includes over-powerful stuff, like Ebony armor; while she'll get angry with you if she catches you using it, you are free to do so as long as you don't interact with her while wearing it. The home also has lots of storage, though this is typical of many house mods, and every permanent corpse in the game is infinite storage, so it's not really a cheat. Some may find Laura's lovey-dovey dialogue a bit over the top, but "Romance" in the mod title was fair warning! Some of her extensive back-story with you may not match what you envisioned for your own character, though. Also, she is not really based on Lara Croft, despite the name. Update: As of 2017-04, using a nightly build of OpenMW, and fixing one script name to have a _ character instead of a . is apparently sufficient to restore most of Laura's functionality. See the forum for details, especially this post of 2017-04-05.

  • Imperial Boyfriend Indiana James (originally Boyfriend Imperial) [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Emma: Update: Said to be working in OpenMW 0.44.0 and later. Old notes: Same problems as Laura Craft; they use the same scripting (literally – they cannot be added to the same game or they will conflict with each other). He is not actually based on Indiana Jones. The fix mentioned for Laura probably also works for Indy.

  • Domehome 1.1 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Grumpy and Emma [{{#switch:emma |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}] : Partially working as a domestic staff mod (and house mod); companion is broken. The fighter, Ingred, has the same broken combat AI as Beryl and Hurd, with the same after-fight fix (see above). This fix needs to be applied quickly if she's using a missile weapon, otherwise she may fire all ammo at an imaginary enemy in the ground. The three domestic staffers have a similar but peculiar issue: they'll fight each other if you attempt to use the Staff Ring to teleport them to a new home. They can be manually led to one, but it needs to be in the same town, or with the path pre-cleared (as with trying to move the easily killed Mudcrab Merchant). Any encounter with hostiles will put them into combat modes they will stick in. It is possible they can be individually teleported to different rooms in a new home and allowed to mingle by manually leading them into the same room; they do not go into kill-thy-neighbor mode when individually led outdoors to the same exterior cell (i.e., through a teleport door), so it may be just a problem with the ring's special teleportation. Suggestion: ensure that they are kept out of any place you plan to teleport into with any other companion in tow. Another trick for moving them might be using a "portable home" cheat mod temporarily, for the sole purpose of putting them into it and moving them to another regular house in a different city. Or just move them with PositionCell in the Console.
See Player homes section for notes on Domehome as a house mod.

  • Cally and Grabran [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Grumpy – These "generation 0.5" companions do not work in OpenMW at all. They simply do not appear, even if you attempt to Console them in. (Yes, they cannot be loaded simultaneously even in Bethesda's engine; they were tried one at a time.) These seem to be early beta versions of Grumpy's Companion Project, and some downloads of CP 3.1 include them even though they are not using the 3.1 code. Many other companions based on the final 3.1 code (before Grumpy's cancer got the better of him), including Dawn Companion and Gatanas as well as Emma's Wolf and Dog Companions mods, work quite well.

  • Witchgirl Adventure [{{#switch:TB


}} }}] by Emma – Mostly functional so far, with usability issues. One (also occurring in vanilla Morrowind) is that your instructions to her to not summon atronachs during combat will not "stick"; you have to tell her this again and again (or just let her do it and keep well clear of the carnage, or bulk up on Resist Shock; she always wants to summon a Storm Atronach, and a Skeleton, even to fight a rat). This constant summoning is ruthlessly exploitable: Wander the landscape with her, let her summon her minions, do a ranged, area-of-effect Soultrap, to trap the enemy and any of her summoned minions that die, then attack the surviving minions, and individually soul-trap any more she summons. Just be careful not to hit her with a soultrap, nor issue a new soultrap on any minion unless at least one regular or summoned fighting enemy is still alive, or she'll interpret you as attacking her and go hostile (fixable with Calm Humanoid). Anyway, she's overpowered and dangerous, may kill your other companions through summoning negligence (and maybe you, too), and is not of much use except for distracting Gaenor and other "boss monsters" with summons while you hit them from behind. With her in tow, Gaenor (who has super-human Luck) is beatable at around player level 15 (I think he's aimed more at level 30+ people) as long as you have a large stockpile of Restore potions and wear him down over the course of half an hour or so; he'll direct most of his hostility to Morgana's summons, as long as you keep him away from her personally and from you. A good positioning is: M  Ss  G    P (Morgana, her summons between her and Gaenor, and player out of his reach and hitting him with everything you've got). Move around a lot to preserve this combat layout, and keep the fight away from bystanders (harm done to them by Morgana's summons will be blamed on you). It's not clear if all of her quests can be successfully completed in OpenMW yet.

Her movement AI is bugged, in OpenMW, in multiple ways. The author is skilled at modding, and there's all kinds of stuff in the code for fine-tuning movement, but none of it actually works, so there must be some syntax error in there that was permissible in vanilla but is "fatal" in OpenMW's strict parsing engine; probably easily fixable by someone who knows the code. Morgana in OpenMW has among the worst companion movement and navigability, to the point that she is easily trapped behind small rocks she should step over, cannot follow you up steep slopes (even if you do SetAcrobatics,200 on her), is very slow and gets left behind (even if you use the Console to boost her Athletics and Speed), has great difficulty navigating ladders (often goes under them and gets stuck), and does not have an actually functional "warp to the player's position" script despite the ReadMe saying she does, so she's easily left behind when exploring. If you use her, you constantly have to check behind you to make sure she's still there, and wait for her to catch up or go back and get her unstuck, exactly like with a vanilla "rescue me and lead me to safety" follower NPC.

To trigger her quest scripts, you have to return with her to her house (more than once; I think you have to leave Ald'ruhn, then return to it on a different day). You're on the right track when she tells you about her chatty grandfather's ghost downstairs (do not attack it). Unfortunately, the first of her quests is broken, as the special skull you eventually have to find does not appear in the cell it belongs in. You have to give it to yourself via console with player->Additem,"AA_skullRastaff",1 (or a PlaceAtPC command). [Tester note: This is as far as I've tested her quests. —Darklocq.] If you find her missing brother early, nothing happens; you have to trigger the right quest stuff for her to even recognize him. She has a "personal trainer" NPC in Ald'ruhn (in the Rat in the Pot, if I recall correctly) who can raise her skills. This raises a whole bunch of them in groups (combat, magic, stealth) for a steep cost, instead of being able to raise specific ones, or just having them auto-raise as the player progresses.

She does not auto-Levitate or auto-Water-Breathe, and has to be manually told to start either effect, and told to stop with a hard-to-find Dispel option (under "extra magical tricks"). Her dialogue menu is a mess, with commonly needed options buried among trivia. Morgana comes with her own scripted, enchanted Ebony Stormsword (priced at 1 gold), but will not use it unless you specifically tell her to go melee. You can give her a more powerful Short Blade (the only weapon she's any good at), with the same caveat. As with summoning, she won't "remember" that you told her to use melee, between sessions with her. Any time you put her in wait mode, her combat options reset to her summoning overkill defaults. Despite these issues, she can be a fun diversion, if you're tough enough that being zapped by Storm Atronachs all the time isn't a big deal. She has a fondness for Moon Sugar, and a sharp tongue.

  • Thief Companion Constance [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Emma – Broken. Installable, and one is able to pick up the companion, get her to follow, take inventory, fight, and engage in some unique dialogue options and behaviors (like going off to Balmora on her own and stealing stuff). However, she goes into constant-combat mode, like the same author's Beryl and Hurd mods, and the Ingred fighter in the Domehome mod. Her Morgana mage companion in Witchgirl Adventure (see above) does not have this problem, but was written later. This mod's quest scripting has not been tested in OpenMW, due to the combat bug.

  • Bosmer Companion – With Patch [{{#switch:TB+BM

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by JMK (JohnK222) [{{#switch:author |nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author= A |custom= A |web= W | }}]  – In testing, at least partially working. Sammie, a female Bosmer fighter, is found standing around and lonely in {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: Ald'ruhn. Can be used as a regular companion mod, or as a girlfriend/lover one. Its ReadMe says it has risqué dialogue and sound effects for the latter option. Should be run with the included patch that fixes a skills and leveling bug that may occur when you complete her included quest (vengeance for her framed and executed brother). She levels (gets better stats) only after you complete each part of her ten-stage quest, so you can't blow her off forever and expect her to still be usable as a companion for long. She is slow and easily left behind, at least at first, and has an annoying habit of "warping" into the player character rather than right behind you. She prefers Blunt Weapon and Heavy Armor, which is odd for a little Bosmer lady, but is also competent with Long Blade, and will wear other armor if it's good enough. Rare for a companion, she has virtually no short-blade skill; if you want to give her a jink weapon (short-term paralyzer), you'll need to custom enchant one out of a mace, club, or longsword. Warning: Tester experienced grave game instability with this companion (multiple crashes per hour), though it could have been due to mod conflicts. Best tested alone, then try adding other mods.

  • Ordinator Companion 1.2 – Not tested yet. Get an Ordinator as a companion after you meet the living god Vivec in the Main Quest.
  • Galatea by lochnarus (LOCH) – Working so far in a brief test. Nord female fighter, found in {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: the Six Fishes in Ebonheart. Not tested long enough to report strengths/weaknesses.
  • Taryn Companion a.k.a. Taryn the Warrior 1.3 by MatthewTheBagel – Not tested yet. Nord male fighter, found in {{#if:|{{{2}}}|spoiler}}: Balmora.
  • Tag Lady, Elf Version 1.6 by Galgat [{{#switch:nexus

|nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}]  – See entry in Racy section, since it's an intentionally raunchy mod.

  • Ninja Girl, Kumiko's Revenge a.k.a. Ninja Girl Companion 1B [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Wildman [{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}]  – Working so far, as a part of Bitter Coast Compilation (in the Major overhauls of vanilla places section); not tested yet as a stand-alone mod. An Akaviri (Asian) girl with a quest. Serviceable companion with some cool gear. Includes a bunch of wigs that are high-end light helms, and useful for companions in general (good protection for them, and you can see their faces). There's also a patch for teleportation to Sniper-Daria's Japanese House home mod. Note: The file to download is the third one available at the page; it's the complete final mod, with the house patch included.

Many-companion mods[edit]

Various mods provide companion, guard/mercenary, and service and domestic staff systems, with numerous available NPCS, who are sometimes coded to work together in special ways.

For slaves-as-companions mods, see the Slaves and slavery section.

  • A Lord's Men 2.5.0 [{{#switch:TB

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    • Guards for strongholds (generic, "Elite", or specific to particular Great Houses). These have generic names, but can be used as companions [Tester note: did all of Bloodmoon with one from this mod and one from Staff Agency.] Those that are specific to a faction (e.g. Redoran Guards or Imperial Legion troops) can only be hired if you are in the proper faction. Be warned that they still have Guard AI, so will turn on you if you attack any humanoid without provocation (even in the wilderness and even if the companion is in follow mode), and will arrest you for theft if they are not in follow mode when you steal in front of them. (If you're wondering, most companion mods use modified Guard AI: there's a test that prevents them from arresting you, while retaining the Guard function of attacking hostile creatures that go into settled jurisdictions, whether the companion is in follow mode or not.) The "Elite" guards are not just clones of the generic guards, but still have generic names, and are sometimes hard to distinguish from the "Advanced" guards in Staff Agency.
    • Companions of various basic combat classes, fully fledged with combat control options, etc.: [more details forthcoming]
      • From the Vivec rep, you can hire any of several "Champion" companions whom other companions (from this mod only) will follow, to make companion management easier. You can tell the Champion to wait, and the others will auto-wait. This feature can be used to build a small army, useful for dealing with outdoor bands of thugs, as found in Bloodmoon and various third-party mods like Morrowind Comes Alive and things that borrow from it (it doesn't much help with indoor work). The Champions do not suffer the Guard AI problem. They have individual names, and varied classes (mages, archers, etc.).
    • Service staff, including: bartender, merchant, smith, service mage, trainers [details forthcoming]
    • Misc. staff, including: butler, cook, maid, farmer, miner, dancer [details forthcoming]
      • Multiple dancers with new dances
    • General bugs: If you get in a fight in the Foreign Quarter plaza in Vivec, any of the unhired Champion mercenaries within alarm range will rush over to offer you their services on the spot, during the fight; but the dialog is bugged and cannot be dismissed by any means. The only solution is to reload a previous savegame, or to use SetHealth,0 on each of them in the Console, then Resurrect after the fight is over.
  • Staff Agency [{{#switch:TB+BM

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    • Guards for strongholds ("Elite" ones, roughly equivalent to those in A Lords Men, and the generic ones that are specific to particular factions). These have generic names, but can be used as full-fledged companions, and have combat-control options. Be warned that they all still have Guard AI, so will turn on you if you attack any humanoid without provocation (even in the wilderness and even if the companion is in follow mode), and will arrest you for theft if they are not in follow mode when you steal in front of them.
      • The Elite guards are not just clones of the generic guards. Aside from lack of personal names, they're effective simple companions, even long-term. [Tester note: did all of Bloodmoon with one from this mod and a similar Elite from A Lord's Men.] The Elven Archer Guard and a few others come (seemingly accidentally) with a spare Adamantium Helm, which pays for their salary for a long time. This is rather cheaty, since that helm, even with all official content installed, is only available from two places and not for sale. Minor bugs: One of the Bosmers is unarmed, the other has no shield, some have spells that are not useful for NPCs, the Ordinator one is missing the standard Ordinator spells, various ones that would probably like two-handers and who do not have shields have one-handed weapons, so need one or the other, one has a crossbow and a bow but ammo only for one, some are missing some clothes under their armor, and so on. Nothing some inventory jiggling can't fix.
      • Generic guards specific to a faction (e.g. Redoran Guards or Imperial Legionnaires) can only be hired if you are in the proper faction and high enough level. They come in melee and sharpshooter variants (but have the same heads), and have generally appropriate gear, e.g. Hlaalu Guards come with a full set of Armun-an Bonemold Armor and either a Silver Longsword, or a Steel Crossbow and Silver Bolts. Some have the wrong stats and will not wear the Bonemold they come with, and have to be tweaked in the Console (try reducing other armor types to very low, and even reduce Medium; test equipping by opening their inventory and dropping one of the Bonemold items back on them – they'll either wear it or unequip all their Bonemold). There are a few bugs, like stats that are nowhere near the vanilla guards in some cases, missing spells on Telvanni and Sharpshooter guards; missing clothes and other gear. Not a huge deal given that they just stand around unless you lead a creature into town or tell one to come with you.
    • Companions of various classes, fully fledged with combat control options, etc. They have proper names, not things like "Guard".
      • Ashlander Scout, Rey (female): offers fast travel to the four main Ashlander camps, which is very convenient for repeat players, but a bit cheaty for first-timers. She will also present you with alchemical plant ingredients harvested from the countryside if you go out and about with her, but not very often.
      • Dumner Spellweaver, Modri (female): offers a filled soul gem if you give her an empty one (daily service); also offers Enchanter service, and is a capable mage companion, but without Destruction or Conjuration, so she needs weapons and will beat on things with them happily. A very different take on the Battlemage/Spellsword idea. Will usually not wear armor, though can be Console-tweaked to have one or more armor skills and a lower Unarmored so she'll wear the gear.
      • Imperial Agent, Roy (male): nothing unusual, just a typical fighter–thief combo. Provides no special service. If you're big into your Blades role, he'd be a suitable minion, especially if you deck him out in black stuff like he's going on a sneaky mission for you.
      • With some console work to adjust their stats, any of the staff below (except the Merchant) can be made into combat-capable companions, but lack fine-tuned combat control ("use your ranged attacks", etc.) [Tester note: Successfully did this with both the maid and the gardener.] They already have non-terrible stats in most regards.
    • Service staff; they also have individual names. Some have bugs, with one or more services not working. All of the hirelings' special services are once per game day (except for bugs). Those that offer upgraded service for more pay may offer both the upgraded service and the basic one on the same day, or just whichever you choose that day; depends on the character, and this is probably unintentional.
      • Alchemist: Produces a selection of potions. Has two tiers of service. Does not provide any on the first day.
      • Mage: Provides Spellmaking service; does standard (companion-friendly) guild-guide travel to Mages Guilds; produces a random soul gem or scroll.
      • Guild Guide: Rather mis-named, since she provides companion-friendly travel to non-Guild locations: Gnisis, Molag Mar, Fort Frostmoth, and Mournhold. Warning: If you take a companion there by that method, the companion has no way to come back to Vvardenfell. Fix this by ... {{#if:should be obvious|should be obvious|spoiler}}: hiring the Mage above, put her in follow mode, use this Guild Guide to send you both to Mournhold, and station the Mage there to provide return trips. Or use the Mournhold travel provided by the Balmora Council Club mod in the Fast travel section.
      • Healer: Heals, cures diseases (not Corprus) and restores damaged stats, like a Tribunal Temple shrine. That last feature is probably the most practical one, though higher level characters will have spells for all this stuff.
      • Necromancer: Performs Restore Magicka, at the cost of some Health, unless you opt for the second-tier service. This is probably only useful if you take him along to some fight you expect to drain you of Magicka. Probably best for someone playing a character with inhibited Magicka regen, like the Atronach birthsign.
      • Merchant: has 2500 gold to trade. Costs 1000 gold to hire, plus the monthly wage. Does not have any inventory when she starts, just some gold and what you eventually sell to her. She'll buy most things other than specialist tools. She is not a companion, and has no inventory sharing for obvious reasons. Also provides fast travel to Creeper and Mudcrab Merchant, if you're aiming to rack up septims for some house mod that costs 3 mil. If you are avoiding the creature merchants as too cheaty (hint: use Disable on them in the console, or just fight them), it's still a convenient way to get to Caldera and Azura's Coast.
      • Smith: Repairs gear (for standard Disposition-based prices), and produces a Master Armorer's Hammer for you each day (very convenient if you're doing Bloodmoon, which has a hammer shortage). Does not have a bunch of stuff for you to buy. However, you have full access to his inventory, so you can take his hammer stock with impunity. Should have been non-shared inventory like the Merchant.
      • Trainers: Bug in one test, maybe not with current version: All of them, despite supposed specialization, had the same stats as the Defender Trainer, and train only Block, Medium Armor, and Heavy Armor (they all had a skill level of 76 at each of these). Current version of mod shows them with different stats in the CS, so this could be a fixed bug, or could be the result of a stats normalization script for companions being run also by the trainers; needs further investigation. This could possibly be fixed by changing their stats in the Console to match what they're supposed to train, though a script might reset them again. They each cost a 1000 gold hiring fee, plus monthly wage, plus standard Disposition-based training costs. They can be used as regular companions (but have generic names, and no combat fine-tuning options).
    • Misc. staff, including dancers, miners, maids, etc., also with individual names:
      • Butler: Brings you a drink of your choice (vanilla booze, and nothing over 100 gold in value). Has no second tier of service.
      • Cook: Produces edible vanilla ingredients. Second-tier service produces cooked food that is a powerful potion (e.g. +10-20, two Fortify effects, 4 minutes, no weight, and a much-too-high sale value). However, while this is more than you'd get in a bought potion, it's nothing compared to the "super-potions" you can create with stacked Fortify Intelligence if you're big into alchemy exploitation, so its cheatiness is relative. As a source of free significant income, it is cheaty. The basic service is not worth the expense, so a balanced approach might be to use just the basic service except once per month use the improved service.
      • Maid: Grooms the player (effect: Fortify Personality). Has dialogue written in exaggerated French-inflected "eye dialect".
      • Housekeeper: Mostly just for roleplay. Is supposed to adopt cats and kittens over time (if you let her, by triggering her Service dialogue). Bug: She jumps directly to the later kitten (only), and will keep generating copies of it if you keep talking to her about it. No adult cats. She provides no useful services, but is a great custom Bosmer, taller than average and without the creepy eyes of so many Wood Elf heads. The kitten can actually be used as a companion, but is not combat-capable, and cannot carry gear (though that would be funny). If you adore the kitten and want it everywhere with you, just do something like SetHealth,1000000 on it in the console and it'll be invincible.
      • Miner: Produces a variety of ores and gems. If you've at the higher level of service, provides substantial ore quantities, including occasional Stalhrim but not Adamantium (it shouldn't do the Stalhrim, since it is not really an ore, but certainly should do Adamantium because, except in the Xbox version, Bethesda messed up and did not provide enough of it to actually have Bols Indalen in Mournhold craft Adamantium armor for you other than maybe one piece; see Sufficient Adamantium in the Ingredients, plants, alchemy, and crafting stuff section for a work-around). You can use both the standard and higher service of the miner in the same interaction; probably unintentional. Bug: At the higher tier of service, he'll provide the ore package again and again every time you ask him. To avoid the cheatiness, station him next to someone who only works once per day, and ask that one first to see if it's time yet.
      • Farmer: Produces a variety of crops (ingredients), but not on the first day. Bug: His upgraded service is broken; you get a package, as with the miner, but it cannot be opened. However, he seems not to produce at all unless you have the second-tier service (i.e., pay for that, but only use the basic service). Given what he produces, it is not worth the expense, especially given that he can take two or more days to produce anything, and it is not rare stuff. But he's very cute; has no romance option, but you can roleplay you're setting him up with the Housekeeper. LOL.
      • Fisherman: Produces Scales and Dreugh Wax, in sufficient quantity that it's profitable. Minor bug: He's unarmed, so give him something with the Console so he's not defenseless, especially if you use "roving bands of marauders" sorts of NPC-expansion mods; you don't want to find him dead by the river you put him at a day after hiring him.
      • Dancer: a clothed ballerina, not a stripper. Her dance routine appears to be unique to this mod; there's just one. She's a very interesting-looking Nord.
      • Bard: Plays music (some MP3s, which you could replace if you wanted to). Side note: If you're playing a male Nord and are a big fan of the "Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser" novels, this little fella is an ideal Mouser, with some Console stats tweaking and some less clunky gear.
      • Gardener: Produces potted alchemical plants (harvestable after letting them grow a while, and you don't get one on the first day). Bug (possibly an OpenMW one): If you attempt to move the plant after putting it down, the pot moves, the plant stays, and a new plant is created where you drop the pot, so this either creates multiple plants in the pot if you move it a little, or left-behind plants with no pot if you move it a lot. Taking the plant and putting it in inventory then taking it back out again to move it seems to work, rather than moving it in the background of the inventory window. It takes time for the plants to grow; be patient. The selection is limited and randomized but seems to be entirely Tribunal plants.
      • Librarian: Produces a random book (and it really does seem random; I think you can get some books that you shouldn't be able to without going looking for them, but it is usually run-of-the-mill stuff). Some days she "doesn't find" a new book for you. No second-tier service.
      • Courtesan (male and female): Gives massages (effect: Restore Fatigue, Fortify Endurance), plus a fade-to-black sequence for, well, what courtesans are generally best known for. Bugs/issues: The female one will arrive topless unless you are playing vanilla meshes/textures, or are using a full-underwear version of Better Bodies. Their second-tier service is just an additional dance, but it does not work. If you move either of them (with the "Follow" option), they stop dancing (maybe an OpenMW problem). Fix this by PlaceAtPC to spawn a new copy of the NPC, and Disable the old one. The male's head skin tone does not come close to matching his body, so put a shirt on him. The female is an unusual blonde Redguard; the male is of uncertain-looking, rather human appearance, but technically an Altmer.
      • Herder: Breeds guars, including (at higher service level) a dog-sized but strong miniature Pack Guar, Rupert, who can be summoned with a whistle. You get the whistle immediately, and can use it to summon Rupert (outdoor cell to outdoor cell). The breeding part is if you need a replacement (guars do die easy). This requires building a bit of a herd (appears to be eight baby guars) and the herder must be kept near the guars or will always think the herd is too small (hint: tell each one to stay put or they will wander). Will generate duplicate pack guars over time if you tell him to, which can be used independently, though which one the whistle will summon is anyone's guess (they're all Rupert). Probably best to regen a new one only if the first one dies.
      • Hunter: Produces meat and hides. This pretty tough Orc is quite serviceable as a basic combat companion. Sometimes he randomly has a no-luck hunting day and you don't get anything. He does not appear to produce rare stuff like Snow Wolf pelts, but sometimes fairly unusual stuff like Durzog Meat.
      • Sailor: Updates your world map with one port town of your choice per day; only useful early in the game. Plays sea shanty music if you give him a Nord Mead (funny, since he's Argonian). I would like to have seen more done with this guy, like transport to shore locations that are a hassle to get to.
      • Seamstress: Produces random shirts, pants, etc., of a range of qualities. Upper-level service creates new (female) outfits, from very expensive ingredients for "dyes" (gems, and Stalhrim), or one cheap set from Inkwells. The amount of Stalhrim produced by this mod's miner seems to be intended for this. She does not provide anything on the first day of service, and may take two or more days to produce regular clothes. Would have liked some male clothing options, and for the expense involved, some of these should have Exquisite-level enchantability. Something worth fixing by editing the mod in OpenMW-CS.
    • General bugs: Mistakenly puts options to hire Hlaalu and Imperial guards in all NPC's dialogue menus. Annoying, but not terribly problematic.
  • {{#if:|}}{{#if:CM Partners and its forks|}}{{#if:CM Partners|}}{{#if:Partners|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:{{{7}}}|}}{{#if:{{{8}}}|}}{{#if:|}}{{#if:|}}CM Partners and its forks:
    • Warning: Be careful when installing add-ons relating to it. CM Partners also exists for TES4: Oblivion, and some third-party mods are written for that version but are also .esp files. Trying to load one is likely to crash your game.
    • Friends and Rivals a.k.a. FnR 0.7 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by enkephalin (a.k.a. Dok Enkephalin) and Cutthroat Mods [{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}][{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}][{{#switch:mmh |nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh= M |modhistory= M |modhist= M |flig= F |fliggerty= F |emma= E |lovkullen= E |moddb= D |moddb2= D |bethesda= B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}]  – Working. This variant has a simple adventuring party system, loads of NPC interaction, training, bandaging, all sorts of stuff. Converts Ahnassi and Emusette Bracques/Barnand Erelie into companions (if you've activated their vanilla romance options). It adds the same potential-companion NPCs as CM Partners, but heavily modified, plus some new ones. They're all over the game world – various races, classes, genders, ages – and you can tell who they are because they'll ask if you want "conversation" when you first greet them. It's unclear what version of CMP this was forked from (in 2004), but it may be 2.5. Bloodmoon options are added in a separate .ESP. This archive also includes a patch for the popular Havish island mod. Like various other mods, it adds back Jiub – your prison ship pal at the start of the game – into the world, this time as a potential Thief companion, and probably the easiest one to get. (This seems to not conflict with other Jiub mods, since they're using separate IDs.) Picking up others takes some work, to raise the disposition enough. The mod's NPCs are romanceable, but not automatically (there's a random element to sexual preference, etc.). If you have the nude Better Bodies mod, some females will show up topless (they were wearing bra tops in the original). You can Console them some tops.

      • There's also a previously released archive [{{#switch:TB+BM

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}], with the same 0.7 version number, but with Bloodmoon stuff integrated, so just one .ESP, and without the Havish patch. [There is no presently known download location for this variant.]

    • CM Partners 2.8 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Cutthroat Mods – Broken for main purpose, functional for others. The NPCs show up and will dialogue, but none of them will become companions. Various creatures will follow (e.g. an oafish Ogrim, and a sentient and non-hostile Cliffracer – not visually distinguishable, so easy to kill by accident). Bandits show up and try to hold you up for money. But the main purpose of this is humanoid companions, and they're not working. If you do not want the human companions in the mod but would like creature ones, you can probably safely use this mod or one of the later versions, treating the 100+ broken potential companions as more miscellaneous NPCs – an alternative to Morrowind Comes Alive. Has the same toplessness glitch as Friends and Rivals, above.

    • CM Partners Roleplayers Edition 2.9 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Cutthroat Mods – Broken. Same issues as 2.8. Adds the character alignment system (lawful good, chaotic evil, etc.) of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons into Morrowind, for the purpose of determining whether the mod's potential companions will pair up with you and remain loyal. This feature conflicts in a minor way with Seyda Neen Complete (listed in the Major overhauls of vanilla places section): the "alignment choice barrel" spawns inside a wall. A fix is documented here, in case the main problem with the mod (or a later version, below) is also fixed: Look on the ground near the Census and Excise Office wall in Seyda Neen for two books and a random alignment barrel (which you don't want to use unless you want no choice over the matter), then type cm_alignment_choice->Move,y,3000 in the Console and the choice barrel should appear (you pick the desired alignment paper out of it).

    • CM Partners Roleplayers Edition 3.0 [{{#switch:TB


    • Baron's Partners 3.0 1.1 [{{#switch:TB

|TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}{{#if:|, {{#switch: |TB=TB |BM=BM |TB+BM=TB+BM |TB/BM=TB/BM |SAF=SF |SF=SF |AA=AA |AHT=AHT |AHOT=AHT |AEA=AEA |BCS=BCS |LFA=LFA |LA=LFA |E=E |MI=MI |!TB=!TB |!BM=!BM |!SAF=!SF |!SF=!SF |!AA=!AA |!AHT=!AHT |!AHOT=!AHT |!AEA=!AEA |!BCS=!BCS |!E=!E |!LFA=!LFA |!LA=!LFA |!MI=!MI |TEMPLATE ERROR }} }}] by Baron Of Hell [the "3.0" is part of the title] – Broken. Same problems as CM Partners 3.0, from which it was forked, though using an alignment is supposedly optional in Baron's. Has the same toplessness glitch as all of the above. One of the added vendors (possibly more) sells stuff a merchant should not, like the Skeleton Key that is supposed to be unique to the Master Thief of the Thieves Guild, and a powerful robe you're supposed to get from a quest, plus some new and excessively cheaty items; they even restock in his inventory, so you either have to pretend they're not there, or remove the NPC with Disable in the Console. Some or all of these additional problems may exist in some CM Partners versions (they were not thoroughly tested after figuring out that the main companion feature was broken).

    • Partners Unsexed 2 – Not tested yet.
    • Partners Unlimited 1.0 – Not tested yet.
    • Ex-slaves and Partners a.k.a. Ex-slaves Partners 1.5 by Nevena – Not tested yet. When tested, it will be listed in the #Slaves and slavery section.
  • Clubs and Courtiers 1.01 by Nevena [{{#switch:24-5043

|nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}] [{{#switch:24-1339 |nexus={{{2}}}/? N |nexusmods={{{2}}}/? N |mmh={{{2}}} M |modhistory={{{2}}} M |modhist={{{2}}} M |flig={{{2}}} F |fliggerty={{{2}}} F |emma={{{2}}}.htm E |lovkullen={{{2}}}.htm E |moddb={{{2}}}/downloads D |moddb2={{{2}}} D |bethesda={{{2}}}.zip B |author={{{url}}} A |custom={{{url}}} A |web={{{url}}} W | }}]  – Not tested yet Adds some new taverns, and a Courtier class as hirelings (they recite poetry and stuff, and are not intended as combat companions). The new class is also playable. Known to conflict directly with CM Partners 2.6 and later, and probably does so with all of them and other derived mods. Given that OpenMW doesn't create all the doubling problems the Bethesda engine does, you could try running this with other CMP-derived mods as an experiment. Has GMSTs as well as dirty references, and requires cleaning before use.

  • Assistants & Apprentices 1.0 by Nevena [{{#switch:mmh

|nexus= N |nexusmods= N |mmh=