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Scripting (Status)[edit]

This is a list of all the script commands and settings. As in vanilla Morrowind, these same scripts generally work on the console as well as mods.

Note: The list was taken from the UESPWiki.


Name Status
AIActivate implemented
AIEscort implemented
AIEscortCell implemented
AIFollow implemented
AIFollowCell implemented
AITravel implemented
AIWander implemented
Activate implemented
AddItem implemented
AddSoulGem implemented
AddSpell implemented
AddToLevCreature implemented
AddToLevItem implemented
AddTopic implemented


Name Status
BecomeWerewolf implemented
Begin implemented
BetaComment (BC) implemented


Name Status
Cast implemented
CellChanged implemented
CellUpdate removed
CenterOnCell (COC) implemented
CenterOnExterior (COE) implemented
ChangeWeather implemented
Choice implemented
ClearForceJump implemented
ClearForceMoveJump implemented
ClearForceRun implemented
ClearForceSneak implemented
ClearInfoActor implemented
CreateMaps removed


Name Status
Disable implemented
DisableLevitation implemented
DisablePlayerControls implemented
DisablePlayerFighting implemented
DisablePlayerJumping implemented
DisablePlayerLooking implemented
DisablePlayerMagic implemented
DisablePlayerViewSwitch implemented
DisableTeleporting implemented
DisableVanityMode implemented
DontSaveObject implemented
Drop implemented
DropSoulGem implemented


Name Status
Else implemented
ElseIf implemented
Enable implemented
EnableBirthMenu implemented
EnableClassMenu implemented
EnableInventoryMenu implemented
EnableLevelupMenu implemented
EnableLevitation implemented
EnableMagicMenu implemented
EnableMapMenu implemented
EnableNameMenu implemented
EnablePlayerControls implemented
EnablePlayerFighting implemented
EnablePlayerJumping implemented
EnablePlayerLooking implemented
EnablePlayerMagic implemented
EnablePlayerViewSwitch implemented
EnableRaceMenu implemented
EnableRestMenu implemented
EnableStatReviewMenu implemented
EnableStatsMenu implemented
EnableTeleporting implemented
EnableVanityMode implemented
End implemented
EndIf implemented
EndWhile implemented
Equip implemented
ExplodeSpell implemented


Name Status
Face implemented
FadeIn implemented
FadeOut implemented
FadeTo implemented
Fall removed
FillJournal removed
FillMap implemented
FixMe implemented
Float implemented
ForceGreeting implemented
ForceJump implemented
ForceMoveJump implemented
ForceRun implemented
ForceSneak implemented


Name Status
GetAIPackageDone implemented
GetAcrobatics implemented
GetAgility implemented
GetAlarm implemented
GetAlchemy implemented
GetAlteration implemented
GetAngle implemented
GetArmorBonus implemented
GetArmorType implemented
GetArmorer implemented
GetAthletics implemented
GetAttackBonus implemented
GetAttacked implemented
GetAxe implemented
GetBlightDisease implemented
GetBlindness implemented
GetBlock implemented
GetBluntWeapon implemented
GetButtonPressed implemented
GetCastPenalty implemented
GetChameleon implemented
GetCollidingActor implemented
GetCollidingPC implemented
GetCommonDisease implemented
GetConjuration implemented
GetCurrentAIPackage implemented
GetCurrentTime implemented
GetCurrentWeather implemented
GetDeadCount implemented
GetDefendBonus implemented
GetDestruction implemented
GetDetected implemented
GetDisabled implemented
GetDisposition implemented
GetDistance implemented
GetEffect implemented
GetEnchant implemented
GetEndurance implemented
GetFactionReaction implemented
GetFatigue implemented
GetFight implemented
GetFlee implemented
GetFlying implemented
GetForceJump implemented
GetForceMoveJump implemented
GetForceRun implemented
GetForceSneak implemented
GetHandToHand implemented
GetHealth implemented
GetHealthGetRatio implemented
GetHeavyArmor implemented
GetHello implemented
GetIllusion implemented
GetIntelligence implemented
GetInterior implemented
GetInvisible implemented
GetItemCount implemented
GetJournalIndex implemented
GetLOS implemented
GetLevel implemented
GetLightArmor implemented
GetLineOfSight implemented
GetLocked implemented
GetLongBlade implemented
GetLuck implemented
GetMagicka implemented
GetMarksman implemented
GetMasserPhase implemented
GetMediumArmor implemented
GetMercantile implemented
GetMysticism implemented
GetPCCell implemented
GetPCCrimeLevel implemented
GetPCFacRep implemented
GetPCInJail implemented
GetPCJumping implemented
GetPCRank implemented
GetPCRunning implemented
GetPCSleep implemented
GetPCSneaking implemented
GetPCTraveling implemented
GetPCVisionBonus removed
GetParalysis implemented
GetPersonality implemented
GetPlayerControlsDisabled implemented
GetPlayerFightingDisabled implemented
GetPlayerJumpingDisabled implemented
GetPlayerLookingDisabled implemented
GetPlayerMagicDisabled implemented
GetPlayerViewSwitch[disabled] implemented
GetPos implemented
GetRace implemented
GetReputation implemented
GetResistBlight implemented
GetResistCorprus implemented
GetResistDisease implemented
GetResistFire implemented
GetResistFrost implemented
GetResistMagicka implemented
GetResistNormalWeapons implemented
GetResistParalysis implemented
GetResistPoison implemented
GetResistShock implemented
GetRestoration implemented
GetScale implemented
GetSecondsPassed implemented
GetSecundaPhase implemented
GetSecurity implemented
GetShortBlade implemented
GetSilence implemented
GetSneak implemented
GetSoundPlaying implemented
GetSpear implemented
GetSpeechcraft implemented
GetSpeed implemented
GetSpell implemented
GetSpellEffects implemented
GetSpellReadied implemented
GetSquareRoot implemented
GetStandingActor implemented
GetStandingPC implemented
GetStartingAngle implemented
GetStartingPos implemented
GetStrength implemented
GetSuperJump implemented
GetSwimSpeed implemented
GetTarget implemented
GetUnarmored implemented
GetVanityModeDisabled implemented
GetWaterBreathing implemented
GetWaterLevel implemented
GetWaterWalking implemented
GetWeaponDrawn implemented
GetWeaponType implemented
GetWerewolfKills implemented
GetWillpower implemented
GetWindSpeed implemented
GoToJail implemented
Goodbye implemented


Name Status
HasItemEquipped implemented
HasSoulGem implemented
Help removed
HitAttemptOnMe implemented
HitOnMe implemented
HurtCollidingActor implemented
HurtStandingActor implemented


Name Status
If implemented
IsWerewolf implemented


Name Status
Journal implemented


Name Status
Lock implemented
Long implemented
LoopGroup implemented
LowerRank implemented


Name Status
MenuMode implemented
MenuTest implemented
MessageBox implemented
ModAcrobatics implemented
ModAgility implemented
ModAlarm implemented
ModAlchemy implemented
ModAlteration implemented
ModArmorBonus implemented
ModArmorer implemented
ModAthletics implemented
ModAttackBonus implemented
ModAxe implemented
ModBlindness implemented
ModBlock implemented
ModBluntWeapon implemented
ModCastPenalty implemented
ModChameleon implemented
ModConjuration implemented
ModCurrentFatigue implemented
ModCurrentHealth implemented
ModCurrentMagicka implemented
ModDefendBonus implemented
ModDestruction implemented
ModDisposition implemented
ModEnchant implemented
ModEndurance implemented
ModFactionReaction implemented
ModFatigue implemented
ModFight implemented
ModFlee implemented
ModFlying implemented
ModHandToHand implemented
ModHealth implemented
ModHeavyArmor implemented
ModHello implemented
ModIllusion implemented
ModIntelligence implemented
ModInvisible implemented
ModLightArmor implemented
ModLongBlade implemented
ModLuck implemented
ModMagicka implemented
ModMarksman implemented
ModMediumArmor implemented
ModMercantile implemented
ModMysticism implemented
ModPCCrimeLevel implemented
ModPCFacRep implemented
ModPCVisionBonus removed
ModParalysis implemented
ModPersonality implemented
ModRegion implemented
ModReputation implemented
ModResistBlight implemented
ModResistCorprus implemented
ModResistDisease implemented
ModResistFire implemented
ModResistFrost implemented
ModResistMagicka implemented
ModResistNormalWeapons implemented
ModResistParalysis implemented
ModResistPoison implemented
ModResistShock implemented
ModRestoration implemented
ModScale implemented
ModSecurity implemented
ModShortBlade implemented
ModSilence implemented
ModSneak implemented
ModSpear implemented
ModSpeechcraft implemented
ModSpeed implemented
ModStrength implemented
ModSuperJump implemented
ModSwimSpeed implemented
ModUnarmored implemented
ModWaterBreathing implemented
ModWaterLevel implemented
ModWaterWalking implemented
ModWillpower implemented
Move implemented
MoveOneToOne (MOTO) removed
MoveWorld implemented


Name Status
ORI implemented
OnActivate implemented
OnDeath implemented
OnKnockout implemented
OnMurder implemented
Output removed
OutputObjCounts removed
OutputRefCounts removed
OutputRefInfo removed


Name Status
PCClearExpelled implemented
PCExpell implemented
PCExpelled implemented
PCForce1stPerson implemented
PCForce3rdPerson implemented
PCGet3rdPerson implemented
PCJoinFaction implemented
PCLowerRank implemented
PCRace implemented
PCRaiseRank implemented
PayFine implemented
PayFineThief implemented
PlaceAtMe implemented
PlaceAtPC implemented
PlaceItem implemented
PlaceItemCell implemented
PlayBink implemented
PlayGroup implemented
PlayLoopSound3D implemented
PlayLoopSound3DVP implemented
PlaySound implemented
PlaySound3D implemented
PlaySound3DVP implemented
PlaySoundVP implemented
Position implemented
PositionCell implemented
PurgeTextures (PT) removed


Name Status
RaiseRank implemented
Random implemented
RemoveEffects implemented
RemoveFromLevCreature implemented
RemoveFromLevItem implemented
RemoveItem implemented
RemoveSoulGem implemented
RemoveSpell implemented
RemoveSpellEffects implemented
RepairedOnMe implemented
ResetActors (RA) implemented
Resurrect implemented
Return implemented
Rotate implemented
RotateWorld implemented


Name Status
SameFaction implemented
Say implemented
SayDone implemented
ScriptRunning implemented
Set implemented
SetAcrobatics implemented
SetAgility implemented
SetAlarm implemented
SetAlchemy implemented
SetAlteration implemented
SetAngle implemented
SetArmorBonus implemented
SetArmorer implemented
SetAtStart implemented
SetAthletics implemented
SetAttackBonus implemented
SetAxe implemented
SetBlindness implemented
SetBlock implemented
SetBluntWeapon implemented
SetCastPenalty implemented
SetChameleon implemented
SetConjuration implemented
SetDefendBonus implemented
SetDelete implemented
SetDestruction implemented
SetDisposition implemented
SetEnchant implemented
SetEndurance implemented
SetFactionReaction implemented
SetFatigue implemented
SetFight implemented
SetFlee implemented
SetFlying implemented
SetHandToHand implemented
SetHealth implemented
SetHeavyArmor implemented
SetHello implemented
SetIllusion implemented
SetIntelligence implemented
SetInvisible implemented
SetJournalIndex implemented
SetLevel implemented
SetLightArmor implemented
SetLongBlade implemented
SetLuck implemented
SetMagicka implemented
SetMarksman implemented
SetMediumArmor implemented
SetMercantile implemented
SetMysticism implemented
SetPCCrimeLevel implemented
SetPCFacRep implemented
SetPCVisionBonus removed
SetParalysis implemented
SetPersonality implemented
SetPos implemented
SetReputation implemented
SetResistBlight implemented
SetResistCorprus implemented
SetResistDisease implemented
SetResistFire implemented
SetResistFrost implemented
SetResistMagicka implemented
SetResistNormalWeapons implemented
SetResistParalysis implemented
SetResistPoison implemented
SetResistShock implemented
SetRestoration implemented
SetScale implemented
SetSecurity implemented
SetShortBlade implemented
SetSilence implemented
SetSneak implemented
SetSpear implemented
SetSpeechcraft implemented
SetSpeed implemented
SetStrength implemented
SetSuperJump implemented
SetSwimSpeed implemented
SetUnarmored implemented
SetWaterBreathing implemented
SetWaterLevel implemented
SetWaterWalking implemented
SetWerewolfAcrobatics implemented
SetWillpower implemented
Short implemented
Show implemented
ShowAnim (SA) removed
ShowGroup (SG) removed
ShowMap implemented
ShowRestMenu implemented
ShowSceneGraph (SSG) implemented
ShowTargets (ST) removed
ShowVars (SV) implemented
SkipAnim implemented
StartCombat implemented
StartScript implemented
StopCellTest (SCT) removed
StopCombat implemented
StopScript implemented
StopSound implemented
StreamMusic implemented


Name Status
TestCells implemented
TestCellsModels removed
TestInteriorCells implemented
TestModels removed
TestThreadCells removed
ToggleAI (TAI) implemented
ToggleBorders (TB) implemented
ToggleCollision (TCL) implemented
ToggleCollisionBoxes (TCB) implemented
ToggleCollisionGrid (TCG) implemented
ToggleCombatStats (TCS) removed
ToggleDebugText (TDT) removed
ToggleDialogueStats (TDS) removed
ToggleFogOfWar (TFOW) implemented
ToggleFullHelp (TFH) implemented
ToggleGodMode (TGM) implemented
ToggleGrid (TG) removed
ToggleKillStats (TKS) removed
ToggleLights (TL) removed
ToggleLoadFade (TLF) removed
ToggleMagicStats (TMS) removed
ToggleMenus (TM) implemented
TogglePathGrid (TPG) implemented
ToggleScriptOutput (TSO) removed
ToggleScripts implemented
ToggleSky (TS) implemented
ToggleStats (TST) removed
ToggleTextureString (TTS) removed
ToggleVanityMode (TVM) implemented
ToggleWater (TWA) implemented
ToggleWireframe (TWF) implemented
ToggleWorld (TW) implemented
TurnMoonRed implemented
TurnMoonWhite implemented


Name Status
UndoWerewolf implemented
Unlock implemented
UsedOnMe removed


Name Status
WakeUpPC implemented
While implemented


Name Status
XBox implemented

Non functions[edit]

These are local script variables that are set by the game, or local variables that can be set as flags.

Certain script local variables are treated specially by the engine code. In some cases the engine will set a variable to a certain value when an event occurs (variables starting with On). In other cases the engine will check the current value of the variable as set by the script.

See Research:Scripting#List_of_named_locals for the current implementation status of these variables.


We don't plan to add any MWSE commands at the moment. However, we plan to add a new Lua-based scripting system before 1.0 release.


Status Description
not started Work on this instruction/function/special variable has not started yet.
placeholder-implementation The instruction/function/special variable has been implemented, but the engine feature, that is controlled by it, is not available yet.
implemented The instruction/function/special variable has been implemented.
removed This instruction/function/special variable will not be implemented (at least not in 1.0), because either it isn't working in Morrowind, or it is a debugging aid that is used only from the console and does not serve any purpose in OpenMW.