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Script commands[edit]

See Scripting (status).

Script global variables[edit]

Engine data exposed to scripts through script global variables, rather than accessor functions.

List of exposed globals[edit]

ID Default value Used in Implementation status
GameHour 12.0 Time system implemented
Year 427.0 implemented
Month 7.0 implemented
Day 17.0 implemented
DaysPassed 1.0 implemented
TimeScale 30.0 implemented
CharGenState 0 Character creation implemented
MonthsToRespawn 1.0 Container respawning implemented
PCKnownWerewolf 0 Werewolf transformation implemented
WerewolfClawMult 1.0 Werewolf melee damage implemented
CrimeGoldDiscount 0 Dialogue global variables implemented
CrimeGoldTurnIn 0 implemented
PCHasCrimeGold 0 implemented
PCHasGoldDiscount 0 implemented
PCHasTurnIn 0 implemented

These defaults are engine defaults that have a lower priority than values read from data files. This means a new game will have the values from the base game data rather than these values.

Actor local variables[edit]

The engine exposes actor events and additional actor information through local script variables.

List of named locals[edit]

ID Type Used in Implementation status
Companion short Companions implemented
stayOutside short implemented
minimumProfit float implemented
OnPCEquip short Set to 1 when an item is equipped implemented
OnPCAdd short Set to 1 when an item is added to the inventory implemented
OnPCHitMe short Set to 1 when the player attempts to damage an actor implemented
OnPCDrop short Set to 1 when an item is dropped implemented
OnPCRepair short Set to 1 when an item is repaired implemented
OnPCSoulGemUse short Set to 1 when a soul gem is used (non-functional) unimplementable
PCSkipEquip short If set to 1, will prevent the equipping of an item implemented