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Max Raindrops=650
Max Raindrops=650
|{{StatusCol|red|not started}}
|Weather <X>
|Weather <X>

Latest revision as of 14:29, 31 October 2019


  • Implemented: This setting is imported to openmw.cfg and used by OpenMW.
  • Not started: This setting is not yet used by OpenMW.
  • Research needed: This setting is not currently used by OpenMW, because we don't know what the setting does.
  • Moved: This setting is handled in a different configuration file (e.g. settings.cfg). Generally OpenMW tries to separate between "user settings" (in settings.cfg) and "content / game settings" (imported to openmw.cfg, some of which may later be moved to the content files when OpenMW-CS gains the respective editing capability).
  • Removed: This setting will not be imported by OpenMW, because it was broken or not useful.

Note: to search for the use of a setting in OpenMW, search for SectionName_SettingName, with all spaces replaced by underscores. For example, to find

Sun Glare Fader Max

the respective setting in openmw.cfg would be called "Weather_Sun_Glare_Fader_Max".

In some cases there may be abstractions in place to ease the retrieving of settings - e.g. in a GUI layout file, writing


would be replaced with the value of the setting "[FontColor] color_background". See GUI Architecture#Escape_sequences for more of these codes.

Performing research[edit]

You can help by performing research on settings marked as "research needed". The easiest way to find out what a setting does is to change the setting to extreme values and then observe for changes in the game.


Section Setting Implementation
General Show FPS=0 removed
General Max FPS=240 moved to settings.cfg "framerate limit"
General TryArchiveFirst=0 removed
General SkipProgramFlows=0 removed
General DontThreadLoad=0 removed
General ThreadPriority=-1 removed
General ThreadSleepTime=4 removed
General Clip One To One Float=1 removed
General Flip Control Y=0 moved to settings.cfg "invert y axis"
General SkipKFExtraction=1 removed
General PC Footstep Volume=0.7 moved to settings.cfg "footsteps volume"
General Disable Audio=0 imported to "no-sound" in openmw.cfg
General Background Keyboard=0 removed
General Use Joystick=0 removed
General Joystick X Turns=0 removed
General Joystick Look Up/Down=6 removed
General Joystick Look Left/Right=3 removed
General Joystick X Turns=0 removed
General Create Maps Enable=0 removed
General Screen Shot Enable=0 removed
General Screen Shot Base Name=ScreenShot removed
General Screen Shot Index=0 removed
General Beta Comment File= removed
General Interior Cell Buffer=10 removed
General Exterior Cell Buffer=32 removed
General Number of Shadows=6 removed
General Maximum Shadows Per Object=1 removed
General MaintainImportedDialogueOrder=0 research needed
General ExportDialogueWithHyperlinks=0 not started (TES-CS setting?)
General UseExistingTempFile=0 removed
General CanMoveInfosWhileFiltered=0 not started (TES-CS setting?)
General Language=German not started, could be used in install wizard to detect game encoding
General Editor Starting Cell=Moonmoth Legion Fort, Prison Towers removed
General Editor Starting Pos=-112.749161,477.272614,-34.998627 removed
General Editor Starting Dir 0=0.917121,-0.395613,-0.048786 removed
General Editor Starting Dir 1=0.398609,0.910227,0.112248 removed
General Editor Starting Dir 2=0.000000,-0.122392,0.992483 removed
General Subtitles=0 moved to settings.cfg "subtitles"
General ShowHitFader=1 moved to settings.cfg "hit fader"
General Starting Cell=Sadrith Mora moved to openmw.cfg "start"
General Werewolf FOV=100 implemented
LightAttenuation UseConstant=0 implemented
LightAttenuation ConstantValue=0.0 implemented
LightAttenuation UseLinear=1 implemented
LightAttenuation LinearMethod=1 implemented
LightAttenuation LinearValue=3.0 implemented
LightAttenuation LinearRadiusMult=1.0 implemented
LightAttenuation UseQuadratic=0 implemented
LightAttenuation QuadraticMethod=2 implemented
LightAttenuation QuadraticValue=16.0 implemented
LightAttenuation QuadraticRadiusMult=1.0 implemented
LightAttenuation OutQuadInLin=0 implemented
Inventory DirectionalDiffuseR=1.0



Inventory DirectionalAmbientR=0.0



Inventory DirectionalRotationX=110 implemented
Inventory DirectionalRotationY=90 implemented
Inventory UniformScaling=0 not started
Map Travel Siltstrider Red=238

Travel Siltstrider Green=230

Travel Siltstrider Blue=30

not started
Map Travel Boat Red=30

Travel Boat Green=30

Travel Boat Blue=230

not started
Map Travel Magic Red=230

Travel Magic Green=30

Travel Magic Blue=30

not started
Map Show Travel Lines=0 not started
MenuStates moved to settings.cfg "[Windows]"
CopyProtectionStrings removed
Movies implemented
Question * implemented
Water Editor Alpha=0.25 not started
Water Map Alpha=0.4 implemented
Water World Alpha=0.75 implemented
Water SurfaceTextureSize=128 not started
Water SurfaceTileCount=10 not started
Water SurfaceFPS=12 implemented
Water SurfaceTexture=water implemented
Water SurfaceFrameCount=32 implemented
Water TileTextureDivisor=4.75 not started
Water RippleTexture=ripple implemented
Water RippleFrameCount=4 implemented
Water RippleLifetime=3.0 implemented
Water MaxNumberRipples=75 not started
Water RippleScale=0.15, 6.5 not started
Water RippleRotSpeed=0.5 implemented
Water RippleAlphas=0.7, 0.1, 0.01 implemented
Water PSWaterReflectTerrain=1 removed
Water PSWaterReflectUpdate=20.0 removed
Water NearWaterRadius=1000 implemented
Water NearWaterPoints=8 implemented
Water NearWaterUnderwaterFreq=0.3 not started
Water NearWaterUnderwaterVolume=0.9 not started
Water NearWaterIndoorTolerance=512.0 implemented
Water NearWaterOutdoorTolerance=1024.0 implemented
Water NearWaterIndoorID=Water Layer implemented
Water NearWaterOutdoorID=Water Layer implemented
Water UnderwaterSunriseFog=3 implemented
Water UnderwaterDayFog=2.5 implemented
Water UnderwaterSunsetFog=3 implemented
Water UnderwaterNightFog=4 implemented
Water UnderwaterIndoorFog=3 implemented
Water UnderwaterColor=012,030,037 implemented
Water UnderwaterColorWeight=0.85 implemented
PixelWater SurfaceFPS=25



Blood Model 0=BloodSplat.nif

Model 1=BloodSplat2.nif

Model 2=BloodSplat3.nif

Texture 0=Tx_Blood.tga

Texture 1=Tx_Blood_White.tga

Texture 2=Tx_Blood_Gold.tga

Texture Name 0=Default (Red)

Texture Name 1=Skeleton (White)

Texture Name 2=Metal Sparks (Gold)

PreLoad Cell 0=Imperial Prison Ship

Cell 1=Seyda Neen

not started
Moons (Masser, Secunda) Size=94

Fade In Start=14

Fade In Finish=15

Fade Out Start=7

Fade Out Finish=10

Axis Offset=35


Daily Increment=1

Fade Start Angle=50

Fade End Angle=40

Moon Shadow Early Fade Angle=0.5

Moons Script Color=255,20,20 implemented
Weather EnvReduceColor=255,255,255,255 research needed
Weather LerpCloseColor=037,046,048,255 research needed
Weather BumpFadeColor=230,239,255,255 research needed
Weather AlphaReduce=0.35 research needed
Weather Minimum Time Between Environmental Sounds=1.0 not started
Weather Maximum Time Between Environmental Sounds=5.0 not started
Weather Sun Glare Fader Max=0.5 implemented
Weather Sun Glare Fader Angle Max=30.0 implemented
Weather Sun Glare Fader Color=222,095,039 implemented
Weather Timescale Clouds=0 research needed
Weather Precip Gravity=575 implemented
Weather Hours Between Weather Changes=20 implemented
Weather Rain Ripples=1 not started
Weather Rain Ripple Radius=1024 not started
Weather Rain Ripples Per Drop=1 not started
Weather Rain Ripple Scale=0.3 not started
Weather Rain Ripple Speed=1.0 not started
Weather Snow Ripples=0

Snow Ripple Radius=1024

Snow Ripples Per Flake=1

Snow Ripple Scale=0.3

Snow Ripple Speed=1.0

Snow Gravity Scale=0.1

Snow High Kill=700

Snow Low Kill=150

not started
Weather Fog Depth Change Speed=3 not started
Weather Sunrise Time=6 implemented
Weather Sunset Time=18 implemented
Weather Sunrise Duration=2 implemented
Weather Sunset Duration=2 implemented
Weather Sky Pre-Sunset Time=1.5

Sky Post-Sunset Time=.5

Sky Post-Sunset Time=.5

Sky Post-Sunset Time=.5

Ambient Pre-Sunrise Time=.5

Ambient Post-Sunrise Time=2

Ambient Pre-Sunset Time=1

Ambient Post-Sunset Time=1.25

Fog Pre-Sunrise Time=.5

Fog Post-Sunrise Time=1

Fog Pre-Sunset Time=2

Fog Post-Sunset Time=1

Sun Pre-Sunrise Time=0

Sun Post-Sunrise Time=0

Sun Pre-Sunset Time=1

Sun Post-Sunset Time=1.25

Stars Post-Sunset Start=1

Stars Pre-Sunrise Finish=2

Stars Fading Duration=2

Weather <X> Sky Sunrise Color=117,141,164

Sky Day Color=095,135,203

Sky Sunset Color=056,089,129

Sky Night Color=009,010,011

Weather <X> Fog Sunrise Color=255,189,157

Fog Day Color=206,227,255

Fog Sunset Color=255,189,157

Fog Night Color=009,010,011

Weather <X> Ambient Sunrise Color=047,066,096

Ambient Day Color=137,140,160

Ambient Sunset Color=068,075,096

Ambient Night Color=032,035,042

Weather <X> Sun Sunrise Color=242,159,119

Sun Day Color=255,252,238

Sun Sunset Color=255,114,079

Sun Night Color=059,097,176

Weather <X> Sun Disc Sunset Color=255,189,157 implemented
Weather <X> Transition Delta=.015 implemented
Weather <X> Land Fog Day Depth=.69 implemented
Weather <X> Land Fog Night Depth=.69 implemented
Weather <X> Clouds Maximum Percent=1.0 implemented
Weather <X> Wind Speed=.1 implemented
Weather <X> Cloud Speed=1.25 implemented
Weather <X> Cloud Speed=1.25 implemented
Weather <X> Glare View=1 implemented
Weather <X> Cloud Texture=Tx_Sky_Clear.tga implemented
Weather <X> Ambient Loop Sound ID=None implemented
Weather <X> Using Precip=1 implemented
Weather <X> Rain Diameter=600

Rain Height Min=200

Rain Height Max=700

Rain Threshold=0.6

Rain Entrance Speed=7

Max Raindrops=650

Weather <X> Rain Loop Sound ID=Rain implemented
Weather <X> Snow Threshold=0.5

Snow Diameter=800

Snow Height Min=400

Snow Height Max=700

Snow Entrance Speed=6

Max Snowflakes=750

not started
Weather <X> Thunder Frequency=.4

Thunder Threshold=0.6

Thunder Sound ID 0=Thunder0

Thunder Sound ID 1=Thunder1

Thunder Sound ID 2=Thunder2

Thunder Sound ID 3=Thunder3

Flash Decrement=4

Weather <X> Storm Threshold=.70 not started
Weather <X> Disease Chance=.10 not started
Fonts Font 0=magic_cards_regular

Font 1=century_gothic_font_regular

Font 2=daedric_font

not started
FontColor color_normal=202,165,96



FontColor color_active=96,112,202



FontColor color_disabled=179,168,135



FontColor color_link=112,126,207



FontColor color_journal_link=37,49,112



FontColor color_journal_topic=0,0,0



FontColor color_header=223,201,159 implemented
FontColor color_notify=223,201,159 implemented
FontColor color_big_normal=202,165,96











not started
FontColor color_background=0,0,0 implemented
FontColor color_focus=80,80,80 not started
FontColor color_health=200,60,30



FontColor color_misc=0,205,205 not started
FontColor color_weapon_fill=200,60,30 implemented
FontColor color_magic_fill=200,60,30 implemented
FontColor color_positive=223,201,159 implemented
FontColor color_negative=200,60,30 implemented
FontColor color_negative=200,60,30 implemented
FontColor color_count=223,201,159 implemented
Cursors Cursor 0=cursor

Cursor 1=cursormove

Cursor 2=cursor

Cursor 3=cursor_drop

Cursor 4=cursor_drop_ground

not started
Editor Open Render=1

Open Cell View=1

Open Object Window=1

Open Preview=0

Level Up implemented
Game Files imported into openmw.cfg "content"
Archives imported into openmw.cfg "fallback-archive"