Morrowind Data File Bugs

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Starting a list of bugs in Morrowind, Tribunal or Bloodmoon Data Files (e.g. problems in scripts, dialogue, or graphical assets). Cross-check this list when reporting OpenMW bugs. We should forward this list to Morrowind Patch Project or similar projects to get them fixed.

Note this list only includes bugs that were never fixed in later patches of the game. Use version 1.6.1820 (= Game of the year edition) for testing.

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Component Impact Title Description Bug report
Script High The Ritual of Beasts (BM_Beasts) Riekling attack incorrectly activates when the quest hasn't started yet, making the quest very difficult to complete. 1876
Script Low Crimson Plague (MS_CrimsonPlague) Gedna Relvel's secret door can move while the game is paused. 2874
Script Low SignRotate script The Tribunal version of the SignRotate script has a design error that makes it sway more and more to the left with each cycle, eventually causing the sign / boat / object to stand vertically. This was fixed in the Bloodmoon version of the script, but the issue remains for players that do not own the Bloodmoon expansion. 1630, 2074
Script Low The pilgrim's path Journal entry is not obtained when reading the book from within the inventory rather than from the ground. 2009
Dialogue Low Sleepers Awake In some cases, the "disturbing dreams" topic may be unlocked when the player has not had that dream yet. 1747
Dialogue Low Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story Dialogue for starting the Larrius Varro quest keeps occurring even after the quest has completed. TODO: collect more details 2103
Dialogue Low Crassius Curio dialogue Redoran Hortator dialogue is using an incorrect test and thus corresponds to Hlaalu Hortator quest state. 1805
Animation High Silt strider NPCs fall off platforms The idle animations include an ever-so-slight movement of the Root bone, causing some physical movement. If the animation would play exactly from start to finish, the movement would cancel out, but this is not the case when leaving and re-entering the cell, which aborts animations. As a result, NPCs will stray from their original location over time, in the case of the silt strider NPCs causing them to eventually fall off their platform and to their death. 1298

Localization-specific bugs

Bugs that were introduced by translations of the game.

Bug #1476: in unpatched French versions of Morrowind there's a typo in dialogue condition.

In Russian version of Bloodmoon the add-on's changes to Morrowind.ini have been forgotten about, which causes bug #2841.