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Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 23:53:08 +0200
Subject: Re: Open MW -- android
From: psi29a
To: Matt Grandstaff <[email protected]>
Cc: Zini

Hello Matt (and folks),

we're glad that to hear this. I'll tell the agitated villagers to put down the fire and pitchforks. :)

Seriously though, so that we're clear I want to see if we understand you correctly. The folks, we're assuming that to be the word of god (Bethesda), understand that while the main goal of OpenMW is to play Morrowind on Linux, *BSD, OSX and Windows that it is possible to also do so on other other platforms. The caveat would be that we ( the OpenMW Team) would not hype/promote this as 'the main feature' of OpenMW on non-PC platforms. Is this correct?

@Marc, do you agree with my reasoning or have additional comments or questions?

Anyway, Matt, thank you again for contacting us and I'm glad we could get this sorted out and we're glad that we've managed to peak the interest of Bethesda. Is there anything that the 'folks' would like to see in OpenMW? Anything to be improved? Any easter-eggs we could add? ;)

One last thing before I call it an evening, what is the chance of future Bethesda games having Linux as a first class citizen? Would there be anything that the OpenMW team could help with in this area? Internships or even jobs? :)

I wish you the best for the new game launch and a safe trip to PAX. I also hope to hear back from you about having an Zini interview!

Bret Curtis