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From: Marc Zinnschlag
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2014 6:04 AM
To: Matt Grandstaff
Subject: Re: Open MW -- android

On 16/08/14 17:40, Matt Grandstaff wrote:

Hi there

I received a PM note in the Bethesda forums to reach out about the note I sent to sandstranger in the OpenMW forums. Unfortunately, there wasn't a contact administrator email listed I could find on the site, so I sent the note to the first contributor I saw on the related thread. Since then, I've been told to reach out to you.

I think you've already seen the note, but here it is again:

Hi Matt,

sorry for the bouncing around between people and the late reply. RL got in my way and since OpenMW is a spare time project only (and RL has to take precedence sometimes) I can't always do things related to OpenMW as promptly as I would like.

It seems that the person who was working on the Andorid port has discontinued working on it and none of the core developers is interested in mobile platforms at all (we are firmly committed to classical desktop/laptop). From what I understand about your concerns that makes this discussion mostly academic now.

But we should try to get rid of the misunderstandings anyway. This statement:

As I understand it (from the project site FAQ), all projects related to OpenMW currently require the use of assets from Morrowind.

is plain and simple wrong.

First there are no projects related to OpenMW that require the use of assets from Morrowind. There is of course OpenMW itself. Not sure if that was some unfortunate wording from your side or if there is still a misunderstanding in this area.

If you have a MW installation on your system and you install OpenMW on top of that, you can play MW through OpenMW.

In other words, if you want to play Morrowind with OpenMW, you need Morrowind (including the MW assets). But that's it.

You can also take OpenMW without any original MW assets, make your own game with your own original assets via our own content development tools (not using any tools related to/distributed with MW at all) and than you have a completely original game, again with no ties to MW assets or MW related tools at all.

We are actually planning to do something like this. The project is called the example suite. Please note that we are still in alpha. Our own tools are only partially functional at this point and the example suite is mostly in planning stage (waiting for said tools to be finished). So there isn't much to download and try out yet. But we will get there eventually.

OpenMW really is a general purpose-ish game engine (the -ish here means that we are still talking about games in the wider genre of 1st/3rd person RPGs; you wouldn't be able to make an RTS with OpenMW).

I hope that helps to clear things up a bit.