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Testing out the dialogue script verifier on Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm and Bloodmoon.esm from various localisations. Please add other languages below and paste errors printed by the --script-all-dialogue switch.


compiling failed (dialogue script)
Choice "Give her the land deed' 1 "Keep the land deed" 2

Does not work in original MW (mismatched quotes).


compiling failed (dialogue script)
ShowMap Ald'ruhn

Works in original MW, though not as intended. What gets executed instead is "showMap Ald", which due to partial matching reveals Ald'ruhn (but also other places matching "Ald" such as Ald Redaynia, Ald Daedroth and Ald Sotha). Probably best to leave this unfixed.

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Edras Oril->AiFollow Player 0 0 0 0 0 0
Journal MV_StrayedPilgrim 45

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Edras Oril->AiFollow Player 0,17153,-30966,795,0

Broken in original MW (missing quotes around "Edras Oril").

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Journal BM_Draugr 100
"Tharsten Heart-Fang"->PositionCell -35 –473 -248 0 "Skaal-Dorf, Die Große Halle"

Works in original MW. a – (non-ASCII character) is used instead of -. Bug #2207

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Ihr wieder! Was wollt Ihr dieses Mal?

Not even a script. Are you kidding me.

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Choice ."Sklavin kaufen." 1 "Lebt wohl." 2

Actually works in MW, the first . is ignored. Bug #2206


compiling failed (dialogue script)
Choice Pas encore, Athellor.  Mais je continuerai à chercher." 1 "Oui, jai trouvé... cette chose. Est-ce que ça peut vous aider ?" 2

Broken in original MW (missing quotes).

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Choice Choice "Insister pour qu’il vous réponde." 6 "Le prier de vous accorder un peu de son temps." 6 " Le menacer de révéler qu'il prélève sa part sur les bénéfices de la mine d’ébonite." 7

Works in original MW. The second Choice keyword is just ignored. Similar to Bug #2206.

compiling failed (dialogue script)
Journal "DA_Boethiah" 60
Player->RemoveItem "Gold_001" 2 000
Player->RemoveItem "bk_Boethiah's Glory_unique" 1
AddItem "Gold_001" 2 000
AddItem "bk_Boethiah's Glory_unique" 1
StartScript ShrineBoethiah
AddTopic "sanctuaire de Boéthia"

Works in original MW, though not as intended (will remove just 2 gold instead of the intended 2000). Bug #2208

compiling failed (dialogue script)
; Savile Imayn ; Journal "B3_ZainabBride" >= 35; item "Potion_T_Bug_musk_01" >= 1; item "gold_ 0001" >= 1 000; CHOICE 4; 
player->AddItem "Key_SavileCageKey" 1
addtopic "Falura Llervu"
player->removeitem "gold_001" 1 000
additem "gold_001" 1 000
Journal "B3_ZainabBride" 40

Works in original MW, though not as intended (will remove just 1 gold instead of the intended 1000). Bug #2208


error line 298, column 1 ()
incomplete string or name
error line 298, column 2 (т)
syntax error
compiling failed: playscript

playscript includes a messageBox instruction that has been split over multiple lines. Probably broken in the original game (untested).